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Welcome to Food International!

My name is Sara Lim. I am glad you found my site.

I have a passion for clean, wholesome, plant-based eating and living a healthy, wholesome life. I started this site because I wanted to help others to eat and live healthily and share the recipes and ideas I have tried and tested over the years; and the new ones I am constantly creating.

I have lived in a few countries; including Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand and now live in the Sunshine State of Queensland, Australia. I love travelling and have collected delicious recipes around the globe that I wanted to share with others.

Although I do eat meat and fish sometimes, my diet is mainly whole food plant based. So, the recipes at Food International are mainly plant based or vegetarian. The recipes here are based on whole plant foods that are or minimally refined or unrefined and I minimize meat, dairy products, eggs, and highly refined and processed foods such as oil, bleached flour, refined sugar. I hope you will discover that whole food plant based recipes can be delicious and exciting, like I have!

Here, you will also find information and tips to help you create a healthy, sustainable home. 

I will also be giving honest reviews of my favorite kitchen equipment and appliances.

The power to live your best life is in your own hands, and you can do this by changing how you eat. I hope that my site can give you the information, tools and ideas to live vibrant, healthy life

Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food” Hippocrates, ca. 400 BC.

More people are now realizing that health starts in a healthy kitchen, just as it always did.

My Mission is celebrating wholesome, real, food and inspiring you to make your kitchen and home healthy and sustainable.