Red Chilli Sauce

This chilly paste is the perfect companion to any food. You can add it to your sauces, and dips. You can mix it into dressings to add a kick to your salads. It turns a bland dish into a delicious tasty one. It adds color to your food. It’s so easy to make and so …

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Coffee Flavored Brownies

Some days, it’s harder being on this whole food plant-based diet than others. You miss your sweet and tasty snacks and run out of ideas about what to snack on sometimes. This is a snack you could keep handy for the days you feel like having something sweet but not full of nasty ingredients, like …

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Black Bean & Quinoa Burgers

This is definitely one of the best plant-based burgers I have tried. It is an easy way to pack proteins, and some Omega 3 into your meal. These burgers freeze well, so you may want to make an extra batch for those “no-cook”, lazy or busy days.

Stir fry noodles

Chilli Stir Fry Noodles

This recipe is is one of my go to dinner dishes because it tastes so good and is so quick to whip up. You can use any vegetables and it will stilltaste phenomenal! Try this recipe, you will love it.