Traveling to Colombia?  Try these 6 vegan restaurants

Traveling to Colombia? Try these 6 vegan restaurants

Colombia may be known for its coffee, but a cup of coffee is not the only thing the country has to offer: its excellent food scene is full of vegan-friendly restaurants.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, here are six amazing vegan restaurants in Colombia that you won’t want to miss.


De/Raíz has gained popularity for its delicious desserts, such as tiramisu and mascarpone almond cheesecake. Their two Bogotá locations offer many unique dishes to choose from, like fried mushroom wings and almond ricotta lasagna rolls.

Address: Avenida 19 #106-46, Bogotá, Colombia, and Calle 65 #5-70, Bogotá, Colombia


Surrounded by beautiful greenery, this contemporary and upscale vegan restaurant is the perfect place for a vegan date night. Justo serves its tapas-style dishes, perfect for sharing with drinks, and the chefs don’t skimp on flavor. Diners can enjoy oatmeal pancakes, tacu tacu (a traditional Peruvian bean and rice dish), risotto, samosas, and gyozas.

Next to the restaurant there is a vegan market called Ceres, which sells special vegan products and fresh produce.

Address: Carrera 37 #10a 58, Medellin, Colombia 050021

Lotus Flower—Cali

Come hungry if you are dining at Flor de Loto. Diners head to this vegan fast-food joint for fatty and savory bites like the arepa “hamburger,” loaded “hot dogs,” the friguiada con chicharrones (salty bean soup with crispy vegan “pork skin”) ) and more. The restaurant also offers vegan cooking classes.

Address: Calle 4a #34-40, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia 760042

Healthy Food Seeds—Pereira

Self-described as the first vegan restaurant in Pereira, this health food hub lives up to its reputation for fresh, flavorful dishes. It offers different styles of cuisine, from its Mexican plate (with vegan chorizo, tortilla chips, beans, avocado, pico de gallo, brown rice and cream) to its vegan margherita pizza. Diners can eat in or order takeout and enjoy one of Semillas’ vegan dishes in the park across the street.

Address: Carrera 4 Bis # 25B-31, Pereira, Colombia

Vegan Village—Bucaramanga

Located near Bucaramanga’s Museum of Modern Art, this popular vegan spot brings together art admirers and vegan foodies alike to enjoy its famous soups, including bean, minestrone, and onion cream. Other popular dishes include flan and natilla, empanadas, ramen, and tamales. Aldea Vegana also offers a kebab night every Thursday.

Address: Carrera 26 #33-23, Bucaramanga, Colombia


This vegan and animal friendly Mexican food spot offers a wide variety of veganized Mexican dishes with a unique, modern twist. Menu favorites include “fish” tacos, “cheese” quesadillas stuffed with caramelized onions and refried beans, and crispy broccoli cauliflower popcorn drenched in Buffalo sauce.

Address: Calle 94 #53-44, Barranquilla, Colombia, 08001

Help our fellow animals by going vegan!

Even if you’re not dining out, eating vegan is simple and tasty, and it’s also the best thing you can do for our fellow animals, the planet, and your health. Get motivated by joining PETA’s 3-Week Vegan Challenge:

3 week vegan challenge

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