The first truly ethical African safari arrives this spring

The first truly ethical African safari arrives this spring

Ever wondered what it would be like to go on safari in South Africa? Luckily, you just might get the chance thanks to Diana Edelman of Vegans, Baby, community organizer, world traveler, and vegan business advocate. Edelman is leading an intimate and ethical group travel experience in South Africa in May 2022 and registration is now open. The eight-night trip for 10 people includes a five-day stay in Cape Town, three nights at Shamwari Private Game Reserve, vegan wine tasting, chef-selected meals, high tea, garden tour and more. Whether you’re seriously considering booking your spot or just need a little travel sniff, we’ve got the scoop on all the big plans for this lovely eco-friendly vegan safari.

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Rooted in South Africa

Given the severe travel restrictions of the past two years, many are eager to get out and see the world again. With so many unique places to visit, it can be daunting to choose just one. Edelman settled in South Africa after constant and constant beating from his South African friends who have repeatedly raved about his home country. He also had a deep desire to observe animals in their natural, wild habitat. Before I released what Travel + Leisure Coined as one of the top nine vegan tours in the world (her Vegans tour, Baby Las Vegas), Edelman worked in elephant conservation and became a leading expert on ethical animal tourism.

“There are some programs in South Africa, like Shamwari Private Game Reserve where we go, that really do an amazing job of conservation, are ecologically minded and focus on the welfare of the animals that call the reserve home. It’s places like that that really move me and align with my previous work and draw me to South Africa,” Edelman explained.

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How to do a safari in a sustainable and ethical way

While Edelman will lead the trip, he has enlisted the assistance of experts in the field of sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation. Alluring Africa organizes one-of-a-kind travel experiences while upholding strict ethical and sustainable principles to benefit not only tourists, but also the human and non-human animal communities they visit. With this maiden voyage, Edelman has become the company’s exclusive vegan curator, meaning guests won’t have to worry about the plant-based nature of their meals while abroad.

He was also adamant that this safari will not exploit animals for entertainment. The animal viewing component will take place in a wildlife conservation range, the Shamwari Private Game Reserve, which has maintained exemplary conservation standards for the past 25 years. Edelman compared the Shamwari experience to other safaris he has done. While Shamwari only allows two vehicles to be near wildlife and limits off-road driving so as not to disturb the natural ecosystem, the other safari he participated in in Sri Lanka unfairly focused on human enjoyment at the expense of animals. He told us that the cars would circle 10 to 20 animals at a time. “It made me feel uncomfortable and sad that we were impacting their lives and movements when we shouldn’t be,” Edelman reflected.

“I hope that through the tours I offer and the sharing of my experiences, the guides sharing theirs and conveying the impact we have on animals when we use them for entertainment, it can come home to people and help open their eyes and understand that these living, sentient beings deserve to live their lives without working for us,” he stated.

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What to expect on a vegan safari

“Seeing African elephants for the first time in the wild was very emotional for me,” Edelman told us. “Watching them live their lives, travel in their herds, it was amazing. And of course being up close to giraffes, rhinos, hippos and more was awesome. There were so many moments on that particular safari that struck me how intertwined we all are and how our lives and the choices we make can impact the world. We are all connected in Shamwari, and I felt that very strongly.”

The difference between a vegan and non-vegan safari is observation versus commitment. Guests will still be able to admire the magnificent elephants living their natural lives, delight in seeing African penguins come out of the ocean, and perhaps break a sweat when they realize the sheer power of a rhino, but there’s no need to corral or touch the animals. to feel these things.

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Luxury vegan food experiences

Vegans travel for food, and Edelman is going all out. The welcome dinner alone features 14 dishes from across the African continent, veganized. The trip also includes a visit to one of Cape Town’s most biodiverse regions, where a chef specializes in seaweed, and a luxurious evening at La Colombe, one of the world’s top 50 vegan restaurants.

“We’re working with incredible chefs and restaurants throughout the tour, from traditional South African fare to foraged fare and simply exquisite plant-based food from world-class chefs,” Edelman joked.

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Vegan Travel Tips 101

There are only 10 spots available on this dream trip, but there are still plenty of ways to travel well as a vegan. Edelman told us that he plans all of his travels around discovering vegan food. She’s not one to compromise or subsist on sad bars and salads when she’s out and about, and she offered us all her tried and true advice.

“I research the Facebook groups in the cities I plan to visit to see what places they are talking about, I do a lot of Google research, and I also look at places like HappyCow… You can definitely find vegan food, and I live to do the digging to find it. You just need to do some research.”

Looking to travel to Las Vegas or Portland in the new year? Book your flight for January. Edelman is hosting the 5th Annual Vegan Food Month in these two cities; Think of it as an extensive Restaurant Week and expect discounts and signature dishes across the vegan dining scene.

A note on Omicron and travel:

  1. Edelman’s vegan group safari is over five months away, so right now there’s no reason to worry about postponing or canceling it.
  2. In the event that the Edelman Vegan Safari needs to be rescheduled, alternate arrangements will be made for all confirmed guests. If any guest feels uncomfortable traveling after making a deposit and needs to cancel for any reason, they can file a claim with their travel insurance prior to travel.

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