Bridge Club New Year’s Dinner and Game

Bridge Club New Year’s Dinner and Game

Photo by Midland Reporter-Telegram

The Allison Bridge Club held its New Year’s dinner and game on January 6th.

The evening featured 24 players across six tables taking part in five rounds of play.

Results from Thursday night’s tag team game included:

  • In North-South Place A, Ann Servatius and Kay Sewell received first place honors with Paula Baggett and Greg Keys in second place and Bob Reimers and Mary Truex in third place. Servatius is the widow of Jim Servatius, longtime editor of the Midland Reporter-Telegram.
  • In North-South Place B, Baggett and Keys received first place, Reimers and Truex placed second, and Scott Vaughan and Sarah Wright placed third.
  • In the north-south C spot, Truex and Reimers were in first place, and Alice Beckstrom and Mark Beckstrom were in second place.
  • In East-West Place A, Paul Newbury and Belle Harris received first place honors with Dorothy Blair and Mike Robinson in second place and Nancy Ward and David Hudson in third place.
  • In East-West Place B, Blair and Robinson received first place, Ward and Hudson placed second, and Paula Bayley and Travis Woodward placed third.
  • At East-West Place C, Bayley and Woodward took first place, with Robin Hughes and Marty Massie taking second place.

The dinner, provided by members of the Permian Basin Bridge Club Inc., included black-eyed beans, cornbread, chili, sausage crescent rolls and an assortment of sweets.

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