Silk pillowcases from Booklinen, new mattress from Zinus and more

Silk pillowcases from Booklinen, new mattress from Zinus and more

Welcome to Launch Party, our monthly column where we uncover the best new home and kitchen launches to add to your shopping cart.

Welcome to 2022. While it’s been a stressful start to the year with the unrelenting pandemic, luckily consumer goods brands are kicking off with a slew of new releases that encourage relaxation, spark joy, or simply add calm to our hectic lives. . Case in point: Brooklinen’s limited-edition collection of silk pillowcases and eye masks that are both indulgent and necessary right now. I’d also be remiss not to mention Haus’s delicious pomegranate and rosemary appetizer, perfect for chilly winter nights.

In addition, various brands also released kitchen and home essentials that could come in handy in the new year. We’re talking Outer’s fancy fire pit table, Acid League pantry staples, Drew Barrymore’s new kitchen appliances, and an upgraded version of Zinus’ best-selling mattress. In other exciting news, Public Goods just added sustainable wines to its lineup, Simplehuman now sells a trash can with the face of a ’90s icon, and DTC’s Material and Made In brands launched new tabletop accessories. If you need more inspiration for your home and kitchen, you can always check out last year’s releases that are just as fun and exciting.

A delicious new snack flavor from Haus

If you enjoy cocktails or fleshing out your home bar, chances are you already have Haus’s wide range of delicious appetizer mixes. We have good news for you: the brand has just launched a new flavor that you will want to add to your growing collection. Made with fresh pomegranates and rosemary, the aperitif also contains a hint of earthy juniper. It’s perfect for cold winter nights and is best drunk with sparkling water or a light champagne.

Simplehuman will bring back the magic of Hello Kitty

Simplehuman trash cans are some of the best in the business. And now the brand is going one step further with a limited edition collection that pays homage to the legendary Hello Kitty. Perfect for your little one’s space, or ahem, anyone who still has a ’90s Hello Kitty obsession, the gold or silver print is subtle yet eye-catching. There is also a matching hand soap dispenser to complete the look.

An elegant fire pit for your outdoor space

Known for its stylish all-weather outdoor furniture, Outer just added another mainstay to its collection: an impressive fire pit table. Sleek and modern, the fire pit table isn’t just a treat for the eyes. You can also use it to grill a batch of s’mores, prepare a Korean barbecue, make a stew or grill succulent kebabs. Another option? Turn up the heat and stay warm in the colder months while enjoying life outdoors.

Delicious New Acid League Staples

What started as a simple vinegar has now grown into a comprehensive collection that includes a wide range of living tonics, wine substitutes, and even pantry staples that aim to enhance your meals. Acid League’s new pantry collection is an easy way to dress up a piece of meat, fish or salad without much effort. The brand has paid special attention to combining unique flavors (Wild Berry Balsamic, anyone?) to create vivid vinegars that are the perfect touch to finish off meals.

A must-have bar from the folks at Made In

Known for its high-quality cookware, Made In has slowly ventured into tabletop and bar accessories that are impeccably expertly crafted. For example, the brand’s wine glasses are made in Italy and used in Michelin-starred restaurants. And now you’re adding another home bar essential with your shapely decanter. Made in Slovakia, the dishwasher-safe decanter has a wide bowl to catch sediment before it reaches your glass, while the sloped edge of the neck ensures every pour is smooth and splash-free.

A newer, better version of a best-selling mattress

Known for its high-quality and affordable mattresses, Zinus is expanding its collection with an upgraded version of its Green Tea Memory Foam mattress. One of the brand’s most popular offerings, the newest version comes with a host of thoughtful enhancements, like activated carbon microparticles to block unwanted odours, added features to relieve extra pressure, and a soft, breathable knit shell that surrounds the layers of memory foam. Best of all, Zinus offers a 10-year limited warranty on every purchase.

A handmade serving bowl that’s dainty yet sturdy

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Material Kitchen, the kitchen brand that creates aesthetically pleasing yet incredibly functional everyday essentials. Their latest release was designed to celebrate family meals and the joy of gatherings. Handcrafted from natural Korean soils, the beautiful serving bowl is perfect for serving everything from salads to popcorn. And despite the delicate feel of the container, it is microwave and dishwasher safe. Choose from a muted Dune or a deeper Grotto color.

A Jumbo Air Fryer Drew Barrymore’s Ultimate Cookware Collection

In 2021, Drew Barrymore launched an eye-catching kitchenware collection that included appliances like sage green coffee pots, bright white toaster ovens and more. And in the new year, the brand has added three new gadgets: a 9-quart air fryer, an 8-quart slow cooker, and an extra-large electric griddle. Available in the same beautiful color palette, the pieces are perfect for adding a splash of color and charm to otherwise boring kitchen staples.

Sustainable (and affordable) public goods wines

Now you can buy more than just cleaning supplies or kitchen utensils at Public Goods. The sustainable home and kitchen brand has just added wines to its growing collection of products. The collection of six wines is made with organic grapes grown responsibly in family vineyards and sourced from countries such as France, Italy and Chile. If you’re looking to try sustainable wines that won’t break the bank, Public Good’s 6-Variety Pack is the way to go.

Brooklinen now sells the latest luxury sleep accessory

Brooklinen revolutionized the bedding industry with its curated collection of luxury bedding essentials that are practical yet indulgent, which is why we always get excited when the brand launches a new release. Case in point: a limited edition collection of silk pillowcases and eye masks that are the ultimate luxurious addition to your sleeping situation. Given the stressful start of the new year, the new releases go one step further to deliver a sweet dream. Choose from colors like Cool Mint, Wild Peach, and Wild Purple. And while you get one for yourself, don’t forget to get one for your Valentine too.


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