Jonny Ringos – The place that made ‘beautiful’ chicken pasta and a superior pint of Bud in a frozen glass!

Jonny Ringos – The place that made ‘beautiful’ chicken pasta and a superior pint of Bud in a frozen glass!

We posted a 1997 photo of the Park Lane favorite on social media and wanted to hear your thoughts on it.

From the Bud ice cream to the fries and coleslaw, it was a winner.

Some people thought it was the best place in Sunderland and here’s a roundup of what they shared on Wearside Echoes, which is the dedicated nostalgia page run by the Sunderland Echo on Facebook.

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Memoirs of Johnny Ringos. What are yours?

Simon Davis said: “A brilliant place. I loved it”, while many of you remembered having work nights there.

What a great description of George Cutter, who said, “A pint of Bud with a frozen glass straight from the freezer.”

Kirsty Bowden said that Jonny Ringos ‘was ahead of his time!’ and Julie Garland commented, “Oh, I loved Jonny Ringo’s.”

So did many other people, including Mal Robinson, Pauline Stoddart, and David Wingate, who all said, “Great place!”

The new extension at Jonny Ringos Diner, photographed 25 years ago.

Julie Gibson Pascoe commented: “I completely forgot about this place. Took my team here for a team night. The nachos were huge.”

Steven Spoors ‘loved it’, especially on Sunday nights adding, “Pizza and a few pints with the boys.”

Jane Fisher said she “loved Jonny Ringo’s”, while Sarah Jane O’Neill had “good memories” and Patsy Almond said “One of my favourites”.

Christina Teasdale said it was a ‘favorite place for fries and coleslaw’ and Tarith Lawrence said, “I loved that place.”

Another look at Jonny Ringos Diner. Does this bring back happy memories?

Thanks also to Sue Carlin, who said, “Oh, I can remember ice-cold sprouts in keg and frosted glasses. And they made a lovely grilled chicken pasta. Always a lovely meal.

Over 100 of you liked the social media post and included Patricia Flanagan, Jamie Martin, Jean Gardner, John Mcconville, Barry Wilson, Carl Swansbury and Colin Thompson.

Russ Carr, Maureen Morgan, Joanne Armstrong, Terry O Moore, Lilian Anderson, Julie Trotter, Gill Middleton, James Waters, Clare Tighe, Tracey Parkin, and Lee Holland also liked the post.

We thank everyone who liked the post.

What memories does this scene bring back?

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One last view of Jonny Ringos.

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