Where to Find Omaha’s Best Pasta Dishes

Where to Find Omaha’s Best Pasta Dishes

OMAHA, Nebraska (KMTV) – In today’s carbohydrate-conscious world, it can often seem sinful to indulge in a bowl of noodles. And yet, few things are more comforting than a plate of pasta. Drinking a bowl and enjoying that feeling of perfect fullness is like receiving a bear hug from a loved one, and few ecstasies are as enjoyable as lounging in the resulting food coma.

While there are many restaurants serving great pasta dishes in Omaha, here are five that stand out above the rest.


All the noodles at Dante, from the long strands of tagliatelle to the curved and ribbed rigatoni, are handcrafted and cooked to order, resulting in a product that is tender, but has a good amount of bite. Chef / Owner Nick Strawhecker and Executive Chef Drew Statz combine traditional Italian cuisine with modern techniques and seasonal ingredients to create a rotating menu of masterpieces.

The Rigatoni Bolognesewhich features pork and beef enhanced with deep and daring flavors from being cooked in red wine, is a crowd favorite, as is the rich and creamy Carbonara, a dish that uses cheese, egg yolks, and guanciale (think a higher, crunchier version of bacon) with shell-shaped lumache noodles. But the true masterpiece is the Tagliatelle and Sunday Ragu; Long, perfect ribbons of pasta are mixed together and topped with huge servings of shredded bison meat (courtesy of the Great Central Nebraska Buffalo) that has been cooked with spicy nduja (a spreadable pork sausage with Calabrian chili peppers) and red wine.

The result is a rich and warm dish that satisfies your appetite, your palate and your soul.

Dante Tagliatelle & Sunday Ragu.jpeg

Dan Hoppen / Hoppen Restaurant

Dante Tagliatelle and Sunday Ragu

Avoli Osteria

After opening the award-winning restaurant Dario’s Brasserie in 2006, chef and owner Dario Schicke searched in vain for a prominent Italian restaurant in Omaha. “Nobody was really focused on bringing Italian culture back to life,” Schicke said at the Hoppen Restaurant Podcast.

So he traveled to the Piedmont region of northern Italy, worked in five different kitchens and learned all he could, then came back to open Avoli Osteria in 2013.

I didn’t want another old-school Italian restaurant with red sauce and a menu full of lasagna and meatballs. This would be modern Italian cuisine with a different twist. Using plain flour and water, Avoli creates noodles that serve as the star of every dish.

Omaha people quickly adopted the unique dishes, and none more than the White Bolognese. The great rigatoni noodles could be the final exam of a master class just in pasta crafts. But the sauce, or dare I suggest, the side of meat, sets this dish apart.

Although technically this white wine-based topping is in fact a sauce, it is not moist or cloying like many others. Rather, it highlights the tasty and rich pork and beef, which are camped out in rigatoni bunkers to offer delicious bite after bite. A healthy toasted hazelnut sprinkle adds texture and depth.

Avoli Osteria Cacio e Pepe.jpeg

Dan Hoppen / Hoppen Restaurant

Avoli Osteria Cacio e Pepe

WD cravings

The idea of ​​handmade pasta served in a drive-thru is almost unknown, but chef and owner Piero Cotrina is passionate and motivated enough to turn this chimera into reality. Originally intended to be a pastry shop serving coffee and sweets, WD Cravings, like many restaurants during 2020, was forced to take a turn.

Cotrina’s solution? Get back to pasta, your true culinary love, but do it quickly and casually without sacrificing quality.

That mission seems noble, but any doubter needs to take just one bite of the tasty taste of WD Cravings. Beef bolognese or creamy Macaroni and cheese (peppered with crispy fried chicken strips) to become a believer. And if your appetite can handle it, try to kill it Chicken Parmesan, a sewer-sized fried chicken cutlet laid on top of a velvety pappardelle paste.

Plus, visiting WD Cravings allows you to savor one of co-owner Wendy Delgado’s delicious desserts, from the sweet Tres Leches cake to the decadent Chocolate Mousse. Whether dining at the restaurant or hitting the drive-thru, WD Cravings is a pasta destination.

WD Cravings Chicken Parmigiana.jpeg

Dan Hoppen / Hoppen Restaurant

WD Cravings Chicken Parmigiana

My sun

Ask most Omahais where to get the best Italian food in Omaha and Lo Sole Mio is likely on your short list.

An Omaha institution since 1992, Lo Sole Mio offers an old-school vibe that transports diners across the Atlantic with its classic vibe and pasta-filled plates.

That’s right, you better come to Lo Sole Mio hungry.

The portion sizes are big enough to squash most appetites, and that’s without savoring any of the homemade muffins or delicious Minestrone soup. Any of the hearty pasta entrees can be ordered with six different styles of noodles and will leave you happy and satisfied.

The Homemade pasta features meteor-sized meatballs and the creamy Carbonara pasta it’s a delicious combination of bacon, cheese, beaten eggs, and soft noodles. If you love seafood, the Scallop pasta with Asiago, complete with soft and buttery scallops, it’s a must-have.

Lo Sole Mio Pasta Scallops with Asiago.jpeg

Dan Hoppen / Hoppen Restaurant

Lo Sole Mio Pasta Scallops with Asiago

Via Farina

Located on the outskirts of the city center, Via Farina could be described as a “minimalist sauce”.

restaurant. Good pasta can shine on its own without being drowned in sauce or pounded in meatballs, and Via Farina’s is close to perfection. In solo al dente, it has a nice chew to accompany a pleasant but not overpowering salty flavor.

While all the pasta dishes on Via Farina are excellent, the Egg yolk raviolo is he

unique headliner. This giant pasta bag contains a delicate egg that oozes a delicious yolk when cut. A delicious brown butter sauce adds fat, and a layer of pecorino cheese adds a hint of nutty. Also, any leftover yolk / sauce can be cleaned up with chunks of spicy sourdough bread.

Raviolo Egg Yolk.jpeg

Dan Hoppen / Hoppen Restaurant

Egg yolk raviolo

Omaha is home to a host of amazing pasta places, and these are just a sampling of the most prominent ones. Do you have a favorite that is not on this list? Send a message to @dan_hoppen on Instagram or @danhoppen On twitter. As a passionate pasta lover, I’d love to know more about your favorite must-try places.

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