What is the best source of protein?

What is the best source of protein?

turkey vs chicken

Both are staples in a bodybuilder’s diet, but is one better than the other?

It can be someone who wants to participate in the turkey vs chicken debate. Or maybe you’re someone who doesn’t care and wants to eat whatever source of protein you can. That’s cool and you should. But when it comes to maximizing your overall goals and gains, knowing which protein sources may work best for you will give you the best chance of seeing big gains. The benefit for both turkey and chicken is that they are lean meats. If we were talking about chicken versus beef, maybe our conversation would be different.

What matters most in your diet is that you work to balance your macronutrients, but more importantly, the amount of protein you consume. Having the right amount of protein is critical to profit and without it, you just won’t. So with so many options to protein sourcesWhy are we debating two staples in a bodybuilder’s diet? Honestly, knowing which protein source will give you the most protein should be a sufficient answer.

Let’s jump to turkey and chicken debate to see what is the best protein source. Both are staples in a bodybuilder’s diet, but knowing which one can bring you the most gains is important as you seek the best for your overall growth and development. In the end, you may only be thinking of certain recipes to try as soon as you log out of your computer.

cla and carnitine

Importance of protein

We hear it all the time, but protein is very important to our profits. It’s the building block of all muscles, so why neglect that and ruin any chance of seeing great growth? Without protein, our muscles don’t grow and without muscle growth, you will never see gains. But protein has other benefits besides muscle growth that are important to consider, as it helps our overall health and well-being.

Finding protein sources does not have to be difficult and we all know the traditional ones such as chicken, turkey, fish, lean meats, eggs, among others, but fortunately supplement companies have begun to manufacture protein supplements such as whey, peas, rice whole wheat, soy, hemp and many more.

Protein benefits for your health and performance include:

  • Increased muscle growth: Build strength and size by pumping your muscles with protein so they have the foundation to grow (1).
  • Better recovery: Work to repair those damaged muscles so they can grow back bigger and faster.
  • Improve Weight Loss Goals: Protein can increase satiety for fewer snacking and unwanted cravings that can hurt your overall gains (2).
  • Loaded with nutrients: Protein is loaded with certain nutrients that are great for providing you with vitamins and minerals that will aid your training and overall health.

turkey vs chicken

Turkey vs. Chicken: What is the best protein?

Now we come to our question for the day; Is turkey or chicken better for your profits? We’ll start by saying that they are both great sources of protein, but for your specific needs, it may be important to know a few differences. For starters, turkey may have fewer calories on average than chicken, so for those of you really looking to lose weight and put an emphasis on fat loss, turkey may be a solid option for you.

A lot of this comes from the amount of fat in both, and the turkey is on the low end. The good thing is that if you go to the store, the ground turkey will have options for you in terms of lean content. For example, it says something like 93% lean, which means there is 7% fat content. Or for those really looking for truly lean meat, the 99% lean only leaves room for the 1% fat.

In terms of protein content, both are quite comparable. Depending on the cut of meat, you will find that chicken and turkey are relatively equal in protein content. Which is a great sign for those of us who are looking to diversify our diet and not eat the same thing over and over again. Knowing that both turkey and chicken will do wonders for our gains should be comforting and without too much stress, you can see great muscle growth with two amazing protein options.

White vs. Dark meat

To touch on the idea of ​​white meat and dark meat, what you will find is that white meat is lower in protein myoglobin, while dark meat is higher. Myoglobin transports and stores oxygen in muscles (3). White meat, found primarily in breasts and wings, is always a great option. Dark meat is found in active muscles, so most in the legs and thighs, but regardless, they are also excellent sources of protein. People prefer white or dark meat, but they know both are great options.

Protein shakes

Protein Supplements for Extra Benefits

While eating a whole meal and getting all of those nutrients from whole foods is recommended and best for you, it’s important to note that supplements can work to your advantage in a number of ways so that you see the benefits you want the most. When it comes to pumping up protein, whether it’s for muscle building, recovery, or satiety, there are a few key supplements to look for. Protein powders are key because they will offer a great source of protein for post-workout gains. Another supplement to consider is casein protein, as it is a slow digesting protein perfect for overnight repair and recovery, so those gains don’t stop while you sleep.


When it comes to the debate of turkey vs chicken, it would be a disservice to declare a clear winner. Both are excellent sources of protein and can do wonders for your gains. With the right approach to dieting, lots of protein, and lots of diversity in your diet, you’ll be well on your way to seeing the benefits you want most. And the results will not disappoint.

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