RTE’s First Dates viewers got in trouble for fan favorite Seamus while the other couple BOTH broke their fingers

RTE’s First Dates viewers got in trouble for fan favorite Seamus while the other couple BOTH broke their fingers

RTE viewers were left in the lead on fan favorite Seamus on tonight’s episode of First Dates Ireland.

Tonight, eight people tried to find their perfect match at First Dates restaurant.

Meath native Seamus, 59


Meath native Seamus, 59Credit: rte
Geniele and Shane had broken their fingers.


Geniele and Shane had broken their fingers.Credit: rte

Viewers first met 19-year-old Oran, who was looking for a boyfriend with energy and spontaneity.

She met 20-year-old Luke from Mayo, who volunteered to teach English to children in India and it was Luke’s first date.

The couple talked about coming out with their families and had designed Revolut cards in a similar way.

They both agreed to meet again. However, work and college have delayed her second date.

Jenny from Australia was also looking for love at First Dates restaurant.

The 57-year-old is a skilled archer and was looking for a chatty, funny and confident man.

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She was paired with Seamus, a 59-year-old Meath native.

He told First Dates that he seems “crazy.” He arrived with flowers and he and Jenny talked about past marriages and children.

Jenny recounted how she came to Ireland to find herself and the couple spoke some Irish together.

At the end of their date, Jenny decided that they worked best as friends.

Geniele, 30, from Dublin was looking for someone unique with good hands.

Kildare’s man, Shane, 28, was their date for the night and they both had broken fingers.

Geniele spoke about being diagnosed with cancer last June and undergoing chemotherapy.


They both shared stories about their burning houses and both said they wanted to see each other again.

However, the pair agreed to just be friends and Geniele is now in a relationship while Shane flies alone.

Emma, ​​26, is a huge soccer fan and was paired with Scott, also 26, from Cork.

The couple discovered that they lived only 20 minutes from each other.

Scott had never been on a date before. They talked about their love of soccer as Emma supports Liverpool and Scott supports United.

Scott felt they fit in right away and they both decided to go on another date.

The couple went ahead with their second date idea, cheering on their favorite teams in the pub.


First Dates fans flocked to social media, angered by Seamus’ comments.

Nicola said, “Ah Seamus … I love you. I’m not Brad Pitt but I’m not Quasimodo ‘#FirstDatesIRL.”

Aine said: “Seamus is a legend, I’m dying #FirstDatesIRL #DMC”.

Eimhear wrote: “If it were on ebay it would be worth a fortune ‘Seamus is the best person in #FirstDatesIRL”.

Vinnie tweeted: “If it were on ebay it would be worth a fortune.” Seamus is an absolute #FirstDatesIRL guy. “

Others commented on Geniele and Shane’s broken fingers.

Cormac said, “Wow! Identical twins! #FirstDatesIRL.”

Ger joked, “These two ET’s going to call home with broken fingers? #FirstDatesIRL.”

Darren said, “Maybe they just order some #FirstDatesIRL finger food.”

Geniele spoke about her battle with cancer


Geniele spoke about her battle with cancerCredit: rte
Oran, 19 years old


Oran, 19 years oldCredit: rte
Scott had his first date


Scott had his first dateCredit: rte

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