New Malaysian cafe Ipoh Kopitiam brings Hainan chicken and Kaya toast to the Alhambra

New Malaysian cafe Ipoh Kopitiam brings Hainan chicken and Kaya toast to the Alhambra

Although Los Angeles is home to some of the best and most diverse Asian cuisines in the US, Malaysian and Singaporean options have been somewhat underrepresented. That changes today when Ipoh Kopitiam, a new Malaysian and Singaporean café, opens in the Alhambra at the corner of Garfield and Valley Boulevard. Even in the San Gabriel Valley, which is home to the most populous Asian-American community in Southern California, the handful of Malaysian restaurants that were popular in the area like Yazmin and Penang closed years ago. However, during the pandemic, Malaysian and Singaporean home cooks began selling meals privately from their homes.

Ipoh Kopitiam is led by Chef Kenji Tang, who hails from Ipoh, Malaysia. Tang, whose family has been in the catering business for several generations, previously prepared Malaysian and Singaporean home-cooked meals with much fanfare in Chinese-language social media posts. The café takes control of the former Scala Stonegrill and Cinya Café on the Regent Plaza in the Alhambra, a place that has constantly changed ownership over the years.

A kopitiam is an old-school coffee shop that can be found throughout Singapore and Malaysia that also serves affordable meals. Ipoh is known for its latte, which was created by immigrants from Hainan who settled in the city and were not happy with the western-style coffee that the British brought to Malaysia. The word kopitiam is derived from kopi, the Malay word for coffee, and tiam, which is the fukienese word for shop. Unlike its name, Ipoh latte is actually a roasted color made up of a blend of robusta, liberica, and arabica beans slowly roasted in margarine before being ground and brewed, and then topped with sweetened condensed milk.

The opening menu includes many Singaporean and Malaysian favorites such as kaya (sweet coconut milk jam), Hainan chicken toast, roti canai (Indian style flatbread), veal rendang (Malaysian beef stew made with beef, spices and coconut milk) and even dried. wonton noodles. Bak kut teh, which is a time-consuming preparation of herbal pork rib soup, will also be on the menu. Char kway teow, a Chinese-inspired stir-fry rice noodles, chicken-flavored rice, and coconut rice is another featured menu item.

Due to staffing issues, Ipoh Kopitiam will only be open at half capacity for dinner, though it will also accept take-out orders online. The menu will also be limited during the first few weeks of opening, with plans to expand eventually. Ipoh is open every day except Wednesdays from 11 a.m. M. A 9 p. M.

Take a look at the opening menu below:

Menu at Ipoh Kopitiam

Menu at Ipoh Kopitiam.
Ipoh Kopitiam

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