Could plant-based chicken be the next restaurant “war” battle?

Could plant-based chicken be the next restaurant “war” battle?

The chicken sandwich wars took over the foodie conversation. While each new battle sought to crown another winner, a new food war theme could emerge by 2022. Is plant-based chicken the next food battle you hope to wage?

Starting January 10, KFC launches Beyond Fried Chicken. While the iconic quick-service restaurant has run several tests of this plant-based chicken offering over the years, this nationwide launch will see many people placing an order to try that finger-licking good deal at plant base.

While Kevin Hochman, President of KFC USA, said, “The mission from day one was simple: To make world-famous Kentucky Fried Chicken from plants,” it was a two-year process to perfect the offering. As KFC considers the trip, “mission accomplished,” reality should be some credit for waiting for the right flavor, texture and offering.

As Ethan Brown, Founder and CEO of Beyond Meat put it: “We couldn’t be more proud to partner with KFC to offer the best-in-class product that not only delivers the delicious experience consumers have come to expect from this iconic chain, but also Provides the added benefits of plant-based meat.

Whether or not people opt for that first taste due to the plant-based food designation, a craving for KFC’s iconic flavor, or simply a desire to bite into the hype, the reality is that this offering should fit the bill. the menu. Since the classic 11 herbs and spices are a mainstay of KFC, this plant-based chicken can’t deviate from what the brand does.

Looking at this offering, the launch is more of a nugget. While the coating should capture the seasoning that people expect, the texture of the interior should be punctual. Even if the guests are using the various dipping sauces, the whole bite should satisfy.

KFC’s plant-based chicken is here, but who could be next?

While many people will be heading to KFC for the launch of Beyond Fried Chicken, the question arises: who will follow up with the next plant-based chicken offering? Although several restaurants have started 2022 with new plant-based food offerings, the chicken wars appear poised to continue their battles with this niche.

If this idea is the following, the differential might not be the “chicken” but the seasoning and / or coating. For many fried chicken lovers or even chicken sandwich fans, the difference comes down to seasoning and texture.

The quick-service restaurant that can differentiate itself by its texture or by mimicking the traditional fried chicken recipe could be the biggest winner in this battle. Although other brands, such as Popeyes or Chick-fil-A, have not entered into this conversation, it could only be a matter of time. Can you pickle a plant-based chicken?

For now, order KFC Beyond Fried Chicken and try the offer for yourself. Will it live up to the finger-licking good statement?

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