Bundobust makes meat, in collaboration with plant-based pioneers, Meatless Farm

Bundobust makes meat, in collaboration with plant-based pioneers, Meatless Farm

Bundobust meats 2022 with a great collaboration and campaign, as Bundo Does Meat is set to cause a stir this January, get ready to say hello to their new Bundo Does Meat Combo and more.

The Gujarat street food icon has announced an exciting partnership with plant-based meat producer Meatless Farm, promising bold new horizons without meat by 2022.

The companies have been developing a unique vegan menu for several months, using two pioneering meat substitutes to craft a unique selection of dishes. The menu is available for a limited time only, so now is the perfect opportunity to taste Bundo’s famous flavors in a whole new way.

Inspired by its Gujarati roots, Bundobust’s offering has always been 100 percent vegetarian, with around two-thirds of the menu entirely plant-based. This partnership marks the restaurant’s first foray into meat substitutes, with plant-based chicken and meatless ground beef from Meatless Farm allowing the Bundo team to explore more traditional meat-centric Indian dishes.

Mayur Patel, co-founder of Bundobust, said: “These specials are something we’ve been working on for months. We experimented with a selection of meat substitutes and Meatless Farm products lent themselves best to Indian food. Both Bundobust and Meatless Farm are Leeds-born companies that focus on meatless offerings, so it made sense to work together on these new limited edition specials. “

Marko Husak, co-founder of Bundobust, said: “These dishes are different from our usual Gujarati-influenced menu. It was a lot of fun working with our chefs using their expertise and regional heritage to create some more traditional curry house dishes. “

Mayur continues: “We have a long-standing relationship with Ben Davy at Meatless Farm, and our chefs used their expertise on how best to cook with their products. This is a collaboration that allows our chefs to really offer something new to our customers. “

Look for Butter Chicken, a vegan twist on the creamy, decadent classic, with just one of Meatless Farm’s newest products (chicken) as the centerpiece. Expect all the rich, tomato-based goodness of traditional butter chicken with a vegetable twist of chili and fenugreek. This is an exciting dish with a rich heritage, hailing from the 1950s and the founders of the Moti Mahal restaurant in Deli, and made famous by chance, using tandoori chicken in a sauce rich in butter and tomato.

Another highlight is the Keema Matar, which transforms the iconic combination of ground beef and peas into a plant-based delight. You get a spicy curry with an intense flavor, cooked in a classic dry fried Karai style with cinnamon, bay leaf, onion and chili. Try it with a puri for added delight.

Meatless ground beef can also be found in Shami Kebabs – the lentil patties flavored with ginger, green chili, kewra water, and mint, served with pickled red onion and a spicy red pepper sauce on the side.

Speaking of sides, when it comes to sides, look no further than Mushroom Pilau Rice, a simple mushroom-cumin-lemon dish with classic basmati rice.

Michael Hunter, UK Chief Executive Officer Meatless Farm:“Meatless Farm and Bundobust have great synergy as passionate and creative northern businesses with a meat-free approach. It made perfect sense to collaborate with them to create their vegan Indian street food specials, allowing us to offer even more delicious plant-based options for customers in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, this Veganuary and beyond. “

All dishes will be available individually, or as a Bundo Does Meat Combo for two, available from Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester Piccadilly and Bundobust Brewery for just £ 31.

If that weren’t enough guilt-free goodness, Bundo is also welcoming an exclusive nonalcoholic beer, thanks to a collaboration with bass and no specialist, Mash Gang. Brut Luxe, is a 0.5 percent vegan specialty beer made with Nelson Sauvin hops and white oak on a beer base. Find it at all Bundobusts for a limited time only. Thirsty diners can even add two half pints to their combo and make it the limited edition Guilt-Free Combo for Two for just £ 35.
Another beverage collaboration comes in the form of Cloudwater Soda’s Spiced Fruit Chaat, a low-calorie adult soda made with mango, pineapple, passion fruit and Mosaic hops, for the menu. And for anyone looking to banish the winter blues with a cup of something warm, Bundo’s Vegan Chai offers a comforting blend of plant-based, gluten-free and delicious oat milk, massala and sugar.

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