Beyond the patio at Babygold Barbecue

Beyond the patio at Babygold Barbecue

Since opening last May, Babygold Barbecue, 6615 W. Roosevelt Road., Has delighted music lovers at FitzGerald’s Nightclub with #berwynstyle smoked meats and Creole-influenced sides. And now, Babygold’s signature dining room, with a capacity of approximately 45 people, is ready to celebrate its grand opening with a Prosecco toast this Friday.

“We hope to maintain the same level of business that we did during the patio season,” said Will Duncan, owner of Fitzgerald’s and Babygold Barbecue. “We have 60 employees and we want them to be busy all year round. This is just another reason for people to come hang out. “

Duncan “designed” the dining room himself to preserve the spirit of the music venue while creating a unique identity for the restaurant. The well-appointed room features vintage-style chandeliers, white paneling, lots of greenery, and a backlit bar. Large-scale black-and-white photographs of on-site performances galvanize the space. Gallery images include Howard Greenblatt’s photo of Cha Wa, as well as David Kindler’s image of Lil ‘Ed. Plaques honoring both musicians and photographers give the space a micro-museum style; photos will rotate regularly.

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