‘This Morning’ host Alison Hammond baffled by vegan nuggets: ‘What’s the point of eating chicken?’

‘This Morning’ host Alison Hammond baffled by vegan nuggets: ‘What’s the point of eating chicken?’

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English actor and television personality Alison Hammond, presenter of This morning, has made her feelings about vegan nuggets very clear – she’s a huge fan.

In a new segment of This morning, Hammond and his co-host Dermot O’Leary, along with chef Juliet Sear, taste-tested vegan nuggets along with other animal derivatives.

The hosts were unable to differentiate between the two options, calling the meatless version “amazing” and “brilliant.”

“It’s fantastic. It’s absolutely fantastic,” Hammond exclaimed. “Well done, that was lovely.”

“And no chicken was harmed,” Sear said.

This morning uploaded a clip of the glowing reviews to Twitter. As of this writing, it has had more than 410,000 visits in one day. Hammond then re-shared the video of Plant-Based News ” Twitter to his 400,000 followers.

“I can’t believe that,” Hammond continued, “you know what? I’m going to go vegan. It’s so much better for the planet. “

In fact, research has highlighted the connection between plant-based diets and sustainable eating. November research found that meat-free diets emit 59 percent fewer greenhouse gases than meat-based diets.

Enthusiastic review

Hammond urged viewers: This morning attracts about a million visits a day, to try the herbal snack for themselves.

“It’s brilliant. This is amazing. Seriously guys, give it a try. Try those vegan nuggets, they’re great,” he told the camera.

O’Leary told Hammond, “I’ve never seen you so passionate about anything.”

Hammond explained: “I can’t believe they taste like chicken. What’s the point of eating chicken when you can eat that? “

It is a question on people’s lips like never before. As increasing numbers of Britons ditch animal products in favor of plant-based foods, major companies are eager to keep up.

It could be why this week, KFC brought meatless chicken burgers to its UK restaurants. The fast food giant had tried the option in 2019 and again in 2021. Now, the Quorn Vegan Chicken Burger is here to stay.

Similarly, yesterday, KFC in the US launched plant-based Beyond Fried Chicken in 4,000 stores nationwide.

And today, KFC Canada went its own way, putting out popcorn chicken made by vegan meat brand Lightlife. Additionally, Mary Brown’s, another leading Canadian chicken brand, introduced meatless chicken options for the first time.

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