Robert Quinn did not mince words when talking about the referees after last night’s loss

Robert Quinn did not mince words when talking about the referees after last night’s loss

Chicago Bears defensive end Robert Quinn was unhappy with the umpires in last night’s 17-9 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Several questionable calls were made and the Bears were often on the wrong side of them.

In all, the Bears had nine penalties for a total of 91 yards, while the Vikings had seven penalties for just 54 yards. While some will say that the penalties were there and deserved, others will say the opposite.

But for Quinn, he had no doubts about the level of refereeing he saw last night and made a point to address his head coach Matt Nagy’s unsportsmanlike penalty.

“I think they need to go see the umpires they are hiring, not our coach,” Quinn said via NBCChicago.

Quinn is unhappy with the officiating team against the Vikings

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His comments were pretty blunt, but Quinn didn’t stop there. He believes that all the penalties are getting a bit over the top and that referees are having a bigger impact in games when they don’t need it.

“Honestly, some of these calls are starting to get a little crazy,” Quinn said after the game. “These referees seem to be controlling the game too much. If a play is clean and they are throwing a flag over something that they thought could change the game with just a flag, I mean, get the guys to play ball. “

Quinn went on to say that refereeing standards have changed, as recently as “a couple of years ago.”

“If this was a couple of years ago, half of these things would not even be called, but now they have some of these stupid rules and in the hands of the umpires they can change at any time.”

Despite all the questionable calls from officials, the Bears were still in position to win the game, but it was their inefficiency that cost them dearly. The Bears were 2/12 at third down and 2/5 at fourth down.

Several times they entered or approached the red zone, but most of the time they were left empty. Add to that three fumbles and all of a sudden, the Bears are as much to blame, if not more.

The Bears defense, led by Quinn, held Cousins ​​to just 87 passing yards and restricted the offense to 5/17 on third downs. Justin Jefferson was Cousins’ best target, catching four passes for just 47 yards and a touchdown. The Bears had every chance to win the game, but their offense couldn’t.

Matt Nagy channeling his inner Fran McCaffery

The loss leaves the Bears 4-10 and looking for answers. Justin Fields and company face the Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, and ultimately the Vikings again to end their horrific 2021 season.

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