Now you can host a Texas BBQ

Now you can host a Texas BBQ

Hutchins BBQ Red Platter, brisket, sausage, potato salad.
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Texas barbecue is rightfully famous the world over for its bold, slow-smoked flavors. In Texas, beef is the undisputed king with items ranging from tender brisket to smoked sausage. Brisket on Texas barbecue is usually seasoned with only salt and pepper, allowing the sheer meat of the meat to shine.

While nothing beats the experience of eating a Texas barbecue on the spot, there is another option that is now available without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Hutchins BBQ, a family-owned North Texas institution, offers a taste of their world-famous barbecue across the country. As one of Texas’s “50 Best BBQ Roasts” of the Month, Hutchins BBQ offers a world-class barbecue experience without setting foot in North Texas.


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Hutchins BBQ – A North Texas Institution

Grill at Hutchins BBQ.
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The history of Hutchins BBQ began in 1978 in Princeton, Texas. Founded by Roy Hutchins, this first location was known as Roy’s Smokehouse. The restaurant was a success, eventually establishing itself as a beloved local institution. By 1991, Hutchins BBQ had outgrown the original store, prompting Roy to move to a larger location to expand his customer base. In 2006, Roy retired and handed the restaurant over to his three sons, who proudly continue the Hutchins BBQ legacy.

But it hasn’t always been easy for Hutchins BBQ despite its consistent culinary success. In 2012, a fire destroyed the restaurant and devastated the business. However, Hutchins BBQ did not give up. Instead, they rebuilt, coming back stronger than ever. In 2013, their hard work was honored when they were named one of the World’s 50 Best BBQ Roasts in the Texas Monthly. ” Currently, Hutchins Barbecue also has a location in Frisco, Texas, and recently brought in John Mueller, the grandson of famous pit master Louie Mueller to help them further develop their barbecue expertise.

Hutchins BBQ Breakdown

Whole brisket on Hutchins BBQ on waxed paper.
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Hutchins BBQ offers a variety of items that are available for domestic shipping. In addition to their iconic brisket and sausages, they also offer sauces (Original, Tangy and Basting Glaze), Brisket Seasoning Rub, Young Turkey Breast (a smoked young turkey breast seasoned with homemade creamy) and Texas Twinkies (jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cream cheese and breast).

A great way to sample the Hutchins BBQ menu is the Texas Feast. This generous package comes with a whole breast, a jalapeño sausage package, a Texas sausage package plus sauces (two originals and one spicy). This party is generous enough to feed up to 20 people.

The breast

The star of the show at Hutchins BBQ is undoubtedly the brisket. To start, each brisket at Hutchins BBQ is USDA Prime Certified and wet aged for 45 days before being seasoned and smoked for 18 hours. Two sizes are available for shipping: the full breast (6 pounds) and the half breast (average 3 pounds).

The flavor of this breast is smoky and very spicy due to the abundant amount of black pepper in the outer crust of the meat. Because the brisket is so rich, a half brisket is hearty enough to serve five to six people (especially with side dishes). Reheating is simple too – just thaw the brisket and wrap it tightly in aluminum foil before placing it in a 250 degree Fahrenheit oven.

So what does it taste like? For a packaged and reheated item, this brisket is very good. Because it’s pre-cooked and packaged, it won’t be as juicy as a fresh brisket. But for a reheated barbecue item, the brisket is tall enough that it definitely hits those barbecue notes. The smoky flavor also prevails without being overwhelming and will satisfy anyone wanting an authentic Texas barbecue. Just make sure you don’t skip the recommended step of adding butter slices to the brisket during the reheating process. The butter will help keep the brisket moist while in the oven. Also, be careful to use unsalted butter, as the brisket crust is already well seasoned. Salted butter will make the meat too salty.

Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage

The first thing that is obvious about these barbecue sausages is the size, much thicker and more substantial than the store bought sausages. Each package of pre-smoked sausage weighs 2.5 pounds and is generous enough to feed four to six people. In some ways, these sausages heat up better than brisket. Because hot dogs are high in fat and pre-mixed with spices, hot dogs don’t lose as much texture and juiciness during the reheating process as a whole piece of meat. Like the size, the flavor of these jalapeño sausages is not delicate and it has a lot of meaty texture, smoke, and flavor. The cheddar cheese in the sausage mix also adds an extra layer of flavor and the jalapenos themselves aren’t too spicy. These sausages are best served thickly sliced ​​and eaten with side dishes or bread. But if you’re really hungry, feel free to eat the whole sausage on a bun.

The sauces

The first thing you’ll notice about the barbecue sauce at Hutchins is that it is thin compared to most commercial brands. For those expecting a thick, sticky and sweet barbecue sauce, Hutchins Original sauce is runny, with a consistency similar to a salad vinaigrette. The sauce’s flavor isn’t too sweet either, and it lacks the overwhelming ketchup flavor of store-bought brands. Rather, the subtle sweetness of the sauce is balanced by the pronounced acidity of the vinegar and the fruity pulp of tamarind. It’s also slightly tangy and tangy with satisfying umami courtesy of a surprise ingredient: anchovies. This is a great barbecue sauce for people who aren’t fans of overly sweet sauces.


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