Food Review: Go Go Bird Brings LA-Style Fried Chicken To The West

Food Review: Go Go Bird Brings LA-Style Fried Chicken To The West

Chef Brandon Kida’s Go Go Bird hits the public citizen market

By Dolores Quintana

Culver City’s Citizen Public Market has been added to your list of specialty food stalls with Chef Brandon Kida’s Go Go Bird.

The Go Go Bird concept is LA style fried chicken and gyoza with each serving freshly made for the customer. If you’re curious how this translates to menu, the restaurant describes that concept and menu by saying, “Go Go Bird Fried Chicken is an explosion of crisp flavor inspired by Kida’s childhood in Los Angeles. An “ode to Pioneer chicken,” the wings, thighs, and drums are marinated in koji, white soybeans, paprika, and a mix of kombu, shiitake, and bonito powder, then deep-fried and finished with a Sichuan-style chili oil. . The menu includes boxes of chicken that vary in size and style, from sandwiches to hot wings and a sandwich that comes with a dollop of salad and a cracker. Additional sides include French fries and mac n cheese, and more of Kida’s familiar childhood flavors, including Japanese curravy mashed potatoes. Mister Miyagi, the homemade drink, is a refreshing mix of green tea and yuzu lemonade. “

We asked Chef Brandon Kida about how the opening at Citizen Public Market has gone and he said, “We have been open for three weeks and previously we had done a pop-up here at Citizen. To be honest, the neighbors and all the other vendors are what make this place. It was really such an easy decision to go back because when you have a good community, everything is so much easier. Business has been great. The other vendors told us this is the low season and we thought, ‘oh my gosh’ because if this is the low season, it will get even more crowded. “

The chicken is incredibly crispy and light with great flavor. Side dishes include cookies, French fries, Go salad, and mashed potatoes and curravy. Chef Kida, who trained at the Culinary Institute of America in the classic French style of cooking and then honed his skills at world-class restaurants such as L’Orangerie and Lutèce, Asiate and Clement at the Peninsula Hotel in New York City .

The menu also includes pork and chicken gyoza that comes with the same chili oil and aromatic soy sauce as chicken. In fact, Kida’s first pop-up was Go Go Gyoza, a handmade dumpling concept, which came to life in April 2020 and then Kida released Go Go Bird later that year after joining Culinary Labs and spearheading Hinoki and the Bird as Executive Chef.

By the way, you can also purchase the gyoza, aromatic soy sauce, chef’s spice mix, and chili oil to take home for your home cooking needs at the restaurant.

Go Go Bird will bring fried chicken and gyoza to Culver City that is exploding with new and different flavors at the historic Citizen Public Market. It’s not just spicy chicken, it’s LA style chicken right in the heart of Culver City.

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