Ben & Jerry’s Launches Two New Dairy Free Vegan Options

Ben & Jerry’s Launches Two New Dairy Free Vegan Options

Ben & Jerry’s Fans Are Crying Out For Ice Cream (Dairy Free) – The beloved frozen treat company just announced its 20th flavor of vegan ice cream, solidifying its position as one of the leading plant-based ice cream companies on the market. The two new dairy-free flavors are Non-Dairy Bananas Foster and Non-Dairy Boom Chocolatta. In recent years, the company has worked to develop a wide selection of vegan ice creams that include innovative new flavors, as well as signature plant-based versions of pints.

The two new vegan pints will launch under the company’s Core range, meaning there is a dense scooped center that fills half of the entire pint. The Bananas Foster pint will be exclusive to the non-dairy line, featuring a blend of banana, cinnamon, almond chunks, and a salty caramel core. The Boom Chocolatta will consist of Fudge Flakes, Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies, and a Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie Core.

“Our flavor gurus believe in creating concoctions for everyone,” said Ben & Jerry’s Chief Innovation Officer Dena Wimette. We know that people who choose non-dairy frozen desserts love variety. “They want to avoid dairy and still taste amazing. These two new non-dairy flavors will satisfy your cravings for something different and delicious. “

Ben & Jerry’s selection of non-dairy ice cream features two distinct non-dairy recipes. The plant-based ice cream uses a sunflower butter base or an almond milk-based recipe. The company’s recent launch closely follows its latest two non-dairy pint reveals, including the Mint Chocolate Chance that debuted in December.

With the last two pints, Ben & Jerry’s also announced that its ice cream portfolio is nearly 40 percent dairy-free. The company continues to drive its plant-based development as consumers demand more non-dairy alternatives. The vegan ice cream market is projected to reach $ 805 million by 2027, according to Allied Market Research, and Ben & Jerry’s intends to capitalize on the unprecedented growth.

The company first entered the vegan ice cream market in 2016 when it introduced four flavors based on almond milk, including Coffee Caramel Fudge, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, PB & Cookies, and Chunky Monkey. Ben & Jerry’s initially focused on the almond milk base, but went on to develop the allergen-friendly sunflower butter base that is featured in the company’s Chocolate Mint Cookie, Creme Brulee Cookie, and the company’s new Banana Foster. .

“We’ve come a long way in our non-dairy offering, and are now the number one producer of super premium non-dairy desserts,” Ben & Jerry’s flavor guru Craig Koskiniemi told VegNews in December. “Increasingly, we hear from our fans that they want more non-dairy options, and we want to bring them the flavors our fans love best in the non-dairy format, as well as unique flavors that you can only find in -dairy.”

Ben & Jerry’s commitment to its vegan portfolio can be attributed to the overarching goal of its parent company, Unilever, to maximize its plant-based industry. In recent years, Unilever announced that it plans to change its company’s platform to cater for the influx of plant consumers around the world. The company’s chief executive, Alan Jope, called vegan food an “inexorable” trend, noting that the company “is seeing a shift towards more plant-based diets in every country in the world, even in emerging markets.”

The company just released a review of reports recommending a plant-based diet, detailing the health and environmental benefits of vegan foods. Unilever’s report truly reflects the company’s recent actions to restructure its production lines, including new non-dairy pints from Ben & Jerry’s. The company announced that it intends to spend $ 1.2 billion on plant-based foods by 2025 through all of its subsidiary brands.

The Unilever-backed ice cream company Magnum is also moving forward with dairy-free options, including the Vegan Sea Salt Caramel Magnum. The ice cream product recently won PETA’s Best Vegan Ice Cream Award for 2021. The company stated that the award would motivate future dairy-free development within the Magnum brand and Unilever products as a whole.

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