A behind-the-scenes look at actress Torrey DeVitto’s cruelty-free lifestyle

A behind-the-scenes look at actress Torrey DeVitto’s cruelty-free lifestyle

If you have tuned in Chicago Med, Vampire Diaries, One tree hill, or pretty Little Liars, you’ve most likely seen Torrey DeVitto gracing the screen. The incomparable actress makes waves on TV shows and movies with her acting talents, but she’s also doing amazing things behind the scenes with her activism work. In addition to advocating for women’s rights, DeVitto speaks out for animals and regularly supports organizations such as PETA and The Humane Society of the United States. Practice alternative medicine, veganism and holistic wellness. DeVitto’s plant-based lifestyle extends from your plate to the clothes you wear and the beauty products you use. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at actress Torrey DeVitto’s cruelty-free lifestyle.

VegOut (VO): How long have you been vegan? What first inspired your transition?

Torrey DeVitto (TD): I have been between veganism and vegetarianism for the last 13 years. I was inspired by vegetarianism at first because of my love for animals. I realized in my 20s that I wanted to live a cruelty-free life. I understood why at certain times, or in certain places, the use of animal skin and meat as food worked, but living in a modern world with infinite possibilities, I no longer believed that eating meat was necessary and wanted to do it. give that up to live up to my morals and beliefs.

VO: What kind of food do you eat on set? Are there good vegan options or is it something you have to specifically ask for?

TD: I usually have to specifically request vegan options, but I’ve started to notice that it’s becoming the norm to have those options around. I usually order good vegan protein bars, salads, yogurts, or anything vegan. I’m not a picky eater, so as long as I’m vegan, I’ll most likely eat it!

VO: Have you ever been asked to eat or drink something that is not vegan in front of the camera? How did you reply?

TD: Yes all the time. But as I already mentioned, and fortunately for me, there are now so many options. I just did a movie where I had to eat pancakes and a bunch of different stews. [The crew] He was able to use vegan meat and vegan products to make all those foods look like meat. I’m always very grateful when production is willing to do that extra work for me because eating meat, even for a role, is not an option.

VO: It seems that more and more actors and celebrities are going vegan. Have you noticed an increase in herbivores in the sets you have worked on?

TD: I have noticed that more people go the vegetarian / vegan route, or at least give it a try! I’d still say it’s a 70/30 vibe on most sets, maybe even 80/20. We still have work to do.

VO: Let’s talk about fashion! What are your favorite brands of cruelty-free clothing and accessories? What are some of your basic clothes?

TD: I love finding new sustainable and cruelty-free brands to support. I mostly live in dresses and pretty jackets. Some of my staples are Christy Dawn dresses, Immaculate Vegan faux fur jackets, and Stella McCartney sneakers. I also love a good vegan bag from brands like Matt & Nat and Angela Roi. This winter, I’ve been looking for good vegan winter jackets and boots. Some of my favorite brands for this outfit are Save The Duck, Native Shoes, and NOIZE.

VO: Why is it important for you to use totally vegan beauty products? Can you explain your current makeup routine to us?

TD: For me, what I put in my body is as important as what I put in my body. It makes my soul feel lighter when I spend the day knowing that no living creature was harmed in anything I wear or eat. My makeup routine is minimal, however my skincare routine is not! I love skin care products. Elina Organics is my favorite. It has so many delicious vegan skincare products that I absolutely love them. If I’m going to wear makeup, I’ll use a Soft Beauty counter blush with some eyeshadow (I like to use Jane Iredale’s highlighter as my eyeshadow) and Elina Organics mascara. And, if I’m going really crazy, I’ll also use a Jane Iredale tinted moisturizer and maybe Elina Organics black eyeliner and lipstick.

VO: What advice would you give people who want to try a vegan lifestyle?

TD: I always tell people to be gentle with themselves. I understand that it can feel overwhelming. [to try veganism]but just like with anything else, once you get into the groove and slowly educate yourself, the easier it gets! Don’t be so hard on yourself if you mess up here and there. Just do the best you can and be happy with the changes you made throughout the day, and maybe try something new that is vegan the next day!

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Photo credit: Collin Stark

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