7 Dublin Restaurants Where You Can Get A Homemade Food Kit

7 Dublin Restaurants Where You Can Get A Homemade Food Kit

You know, since everything closes at 8pm.

Whether the 8:00 p.m. curfew M. It may not work for you, or you just don’t want to go out to dinner right now, there are so many ways to bring you that delicious food. From Boojum for a Mexican party, to Uno for a pizza party, there is a home dining kit for everyone. Perhaps a special occasion is approaching, or perhaps you just want to enjoy a restaurant-style dinner after 8pm; either way, we have a list for you!

1. 777

The 777 Home Kit comfortably serves 2-3 people, whether you order your Taquito Party Kit or your Veggie Taco Kit. Your Taquito kit comes with tortilla chips, typical salsa, green sauce, guacamole, chorizo ​​taquitos, tinga tostadas, mushroom taquitos, grilled corn salad, pico de gallo, and bread and butter pudding for dessert.

You can choose your 777 meal kit HERE.

2. Bon Appetit

The Bon Appetit Date Night Special serves two and comes with an arancini pre-starter, a pork belly starter, a beef fillet entrée, and an apple crumble tartlet dessert. All this costs € 69, a magnificent gastronomic experience for when you want to feel special at home.

Oliver Dunne’s restaurants offer several homemade takeout food and drink kits, you can see them all HERE.

3. Winedown

The Winedown Dinner Box for Two will keep you entertained while they’re closed in January. The six-course tasting menu includes focaccia, smoked mushroom croquettes, grilled halloumi, slow-braised pork belly, meat skewers, and a chocolate marquis for dessert.

Winedown is selling these home kits for the month of January, you can order yours HERE.

4. Boojum

I tried this party fajita box myself and can say it is 100% worth it and very cost effective. The box says it serves four, but depending on people’s appetites, I’d say it could be extended to five or six people. You get their signature Mexican rice, chicken, bell peppers, onions, cheese, sour cream, and so much more for the ultimate fajita party. There is also a vegan three bean fajita kit available for those who don’t eat meat. Both kits are currently offered for € 22.99, a bargain for the amount of food you receive.

You can order your Boojum fajita kit HERE.

5. A pizza

The new year has passed, but you can still order a Uno pizza kit for those January nights. They deliver their food kits to home delivery throughout Ireland, so no one has to run out of pizza. Kits include dumplings, mozzarella fior di latte, san marzano tomato sauce, parmigiano reggiano, fresh basil, virgin olive oil and much more, for the best pizza experience at home.

You can pick up your Uno pizza kit in Rathmines or have it delivered; see more on their website HERE.

6. Smokin Bones

Prepare a barbecue in a box with Smokin Bones. The main work is done for you, you only need to heat the meat 35 minutes before you plan to serve this barbecue feast to your guests or family. You can choose from several boxes, including a vegetarian one if you love the flavors of Smokin Bones, but don’t eat meat.

Nationwide delivery is available, but orders must be placed before midnight on Wednesdays to guarantee this. Choose your box HERE.

7. The Butcher’s Grill

This home kit lets you choose what items you want for a delicious steak dinner at home. 90% of the work is done by you; you just have to cook the steaks to your liking and heat the sides, and voila! Perfect for a birthday or anniversary … or just a Saturday night where you want to feel elegant.

Go to The Butcher Grill website to see all of your options.

Eating at home doesn’t have to be boring, and these kits make it even better, since most of the work is done for you.

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