4th.  Annual Chicken Run returns in person to remember Frace Sisters • Paso Robles Press

4th. Annual Chicken Run returns in person to remember Frace Sisters • Paso Robles Press

The Chicken Run returned to Lake Santa Margarita after a virtual race last year

SANTA MARGARITA – Nearly 300 runners and walkers showed up for the 4th annual Running Chicken 10k and 5k to celebrate the lives of “Bitti” and Brynn Frace on Sunday January 2nd. The Chicken Run returned to Lake Santa Margarita after one last virtual race. year.

“When we lost them [Brittni and Brynn], we wanted to do something to remember them, so we created the base [Run4BittiandBrynn Foundation] and this race, basically to perpetuate her spirit and memory, ”said the girl’s father, Warren Frace. “I think this race really reflects who they were and what they loved. They loved being outdoors; they loved to run; they just loved the community. “

The Chicken Run started and ended at Wide Oak Flat, with an option for participants who like to take it easy with a 5k course going to the marina and back to the starting line. The more serious runners were able to tackle “The Wall” in the 10k version of the race.

Getting over this together, Paso Robles

“What’s up [The Chicken Run] You can walk the 5k if you are a grandmother, no problem, but if you are a serious Chico State runner, you can challenge yourself at The Wall. So it works for everyone, ”said Frace.

The awards were given to the 6 best race times (3 women / 3 men) in the 5k and 10k categories. Winners included runners from the local high school and even some runners from Chico State, where the girls attended college.

The 5k winners were: Marian Boche (3), Mattea Kalpakoff (2), Frances Perry (1). The male 5k winners were: Oscar Allen (3), Greg Jameson (2), Axel Reich (1).

The 10k winners were: Miranda Daschian (3), Charlotte Castelli (2), Nora Pizzella (1). The male 10k winners were: Max Stapel-Kalat (3), Connor Fisher (2), Matthew Herrera (1).

Nora Pizzella wore Brynn’s number, while Matthew Herrera wore “Bitti’s” number as they ran.

“Brynn and Brittni were Norah’s roommates for several years. And then Matt was in the bedrooms across the hall. So Norah, Matt, Brittni, Brynn, they were super close and close, ”added Frace. “The whole Chico team, they all come back every year to help.”

The money raised from the $ 45 entry fee (which included a bag of art items inspired by original works by “Britti” and Brynn) for The Chicken Run goes to help the Run 4 Bitti and Brynn Foundation provide money for local scholarships.

“We use the money here to fund scholarships at both Atascadero High School and Paso [High School], and up in Chico [State]. And then we do a shoe giveaway program for [young] athletes in need who cannot afford good footwear for whatever sport they practice, ”said Frace.

The Chicken Run concluded with a pancake breakfast hosted by the Kiwanis of Atascadero and Paso Robles.

“We really want to thank the community for all their support. We have a great group of volunteers. We have a key organizing committee that spends the entire year preparing for this. And then we have a lot of volunteers from the community who just come out on the day to help us. And it’s really the effort of the entire team / community that makes this happen. That’s why it’s such a great thing, ”Frace said about the support of local communities for the event.

To learn more about the Run 4 Bitti and Brynn Foundation or to make a donation, go to: run4bittiandbrynn.org

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