Woman shares her horror at finding a snail in her roast dinner, restaurant apologizes

Woman shares her horror at finding a snail in her roast dinner, restaurant apologizes

Woman shares horror of finding snail in her roast dinner

Credit: Chloe Walshaw & nbsp

Key points

  • A woman claims to have found a small snail in her roast dinner she ordered at a restaurant
  • Chloe Walshaw shared her heartbreaking experience and said she will never order from the restaurant again
  • The restaurant offered a refund and apologized to the Walshaw.

A woman in the UK has vowed to boycott a famous restaurant after claiming to have found a snail in her roast dinner.

Chloe Walshaw wasn’t in a restaurant when she got the dinner scare. She and her boyfriend ordered two meals at Tipton’s Burnt Tree Island restaurant at Uber Eats on January 1.

The school worker said she was enjoying her roast dinner until she came across something that left her grossed out and feeling ‘physically ill’.

Walshaw said he spat out his food when he saw a mollusk in his peas, according to a Mail online report. It’s understandable how Walshaw felt when the photo of the shared food online has even left netizens upset.

The teacher continued to share that she was reimbursed for the food money after she contacted the restaurant and made a complaint.

But the process was not very pleasant for Walshaw, who was apparently asked by a restaurant employee to contact Uber Eats for a refund.

In addition to the full refund, the restaurant offered him a £ 40 voucher. But the experience has discouraged her and she has vowed never to get food from Toby Carvery.

“I ordered it delivered at Uber Eats from Toby Carvery Burnt Tree Island for me and my boyfriend. I was eating food off my fork and I thought I’d eat some peas and I dug into the peas and that’s when I saw it,” Walshaw explained. .

“I felt really sick physically. I was halfway there. I was really shocked, I had food in my mouth and I spat the food out. I’m glad I was on top and not in the middle of what I was about to eat, “he added.

A spokesperson for the restaurant has since responded to the claims and apologized to Walshaw.

“We regret that we did not deliver a meal to our usual high standards, but we thank the guest for sharing her feedback and welcome the opportunity to correct this by offering a refund and investigating internally,” the spokesperson said.

A good number of fast food surprises have been made public on social media over the years.

A UK KFC takeaway customer was unfortunate enough to find a whole chicken head in batter inside his box of hot wings. The photo taken by the customer showed the head, complete with eyes and beak, partially covered in crunchy batter.

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