Woman praised for ‘tricking’ boyfriend into eating vegan food even though he was enraged when he found out the truth

Woman praised for ‘tricking’ boyfriend into eating vegan food even though he was enraged when he found out the truth

A girlfriend has been praised for secretly feeding her man vegan meals without his knowledge.

Her boyfriend initially loved food, although he was unaware of what it contained. When he found out what she did, he was enraged.

The woman


The woman “tricked” her boyfriend into eating vegan food.Credit: Getty

Taking to Reddit, the woman shared her story anonymously, explaining that although her boyfriend supported her diet choices, he never joined her as he was a huge meat fan.

The woman prepared meals for her boyfriend when he got home, using alternatives to meat.

She said, “When he comes and I make lunch or dinner, it has always been vegan dishes.”

Adding: “I never actively tried to hide this from him, when he asked me what we were eating, I said things like ‘hamburgers’ and assumed that he knew that naturally it would be something like impossible hamburgers.”


After being honest, her boyfriend was furious at her for “lying” even though he was a huge fan of food every time he ate it.

At Christmas, the couple were unable to travel home and spent the day together eating a vegan lasagna made by the woman.

“After dinner, we were watching a cooking show and a contestant was doing something with fake meat,” said the girlfriend.

He added: “He commented on how he hated when dishes were pretending to be meat when they were plant-based and it was deceptive and gross and he would never eat that.”

Clarifying, the woman decided to tell her boyfriend that she had given him the same food on numerous occasions, which he did not realize.

“When he asked me, I explained that the dinner had been completely vegan with fake meat and every time he has eaten at my house it has been a vegan dish,” he said.

Adding: “He got very angry. He accused me of tricking him into eating something he found disgusting and ‘forcing’ my diet.”

The woman told her boyfriend that she was exaggerating, and before this, he told her that it would be the same if he tricked her into eating meat.

“I said it was not the same because I was morally opposed to eating meat, but no one was morally opposed to eating plants,” he said.

Adding: “We argued some more and he left and went home. He hasn’t been back since.”

The woman tried to smooth things over with her boyfriend after a few days, and failed.

“He wrote a few paragraphs about how betrayed he felt. He said he hoped I understood how disappointed he felt that I handled his food in such a way and that something like this was a serious betrayal of his trust,” he said.

Adding, “He said that he should have revealed that none of the food I prepared contained meat. He ended up saying that he would come on New Years only if I apologized for lying to him.”

The post has amassed a variety of comments, with many agreeing that the groom is exaggerating.

One person commented, “Many times I have heard grown men say in all seriousness,” It’s not a meal if nothing bleeds. “

Another said: “It’s possible the boyfriend heard ‘vegan’ and was such a smart-ass misogynist that he didn’t ask for clarification on what vegan meant.”

He got so mad. He accused me of tricking him into eating something he found disgusting and ‘forcing’ my diet on him. “

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