The Best (and Worst) Vegan Supermarket Burgers, Tested by Max La Manna |  Vegan food and drink

The Best (and Worst) Vegan Supermarket Burgers, Tested by Max La Manna | Vegan food and drink

Meatless Farm Burgers (227g, £ 2.50 for two)

Main ingredients: water and pea protein (18%)

Very Disappointed – I had tipped this one to be my winner. It cooked like a “normal” beef patty, but the texture was rubbery and dry. Lack of flavor.

Score: 1/10

Plant Pioneers Ultimate Plant Burgers (Sainsbury’s, 210g, £ 2 for two)

Principal ingredient: soy protein (53%)

I really did not enjoy this burger. It looks more like an unseasoned tenderloin steak. Lack of flavor and seasoning.

Score: 1/10

Meatless Richmond Burgers (170g, £ 2 for two)

Main ingredients: soy and wheat protein43%)

This was very disappointing as I was hoping it would be a crowd pleaser, based on the grill markings that are reminiscent of barbecues. The taste was bland and boring and the texture lacked substance.

Score: 2.5 / 10

Linda McCartney’s Veggie Burgers (227g, £ 2.20 for two; vegan approved)

Principal ingredient: soy (58%)

Lack of flavor, seasoning and substance. No distinctive flavor. I keep the sausages.

Score: 3/10

Plantlife Chestnut & Mushroom Burgers (Waitrose, 227g, £ 2.50 for two)

Main ingredient: potato (28%)

This was more like a walnut roast than a hamburger. Good umami flavor, but the texture didn’t hold up well enough. It is not what it says on the label; otherwise very tasty.

Score: 4/10

The Curators Herbal Mushroom Burgers (200g, £ 3.50 for two)

Principal ingredient: fungi (86%)

This feels pretty outdated, like it’s from the 70’s. It’s a mushroom stuffed with more mushrooms, which means the texture is too mushy. It doesn’t really taste much and is lacking in seasonings.

Score: 5/10

Love your vegetables! Mixed Vegan Burgers (Sainsbury’s, 225g, £ 2 for two)

Principal ingredient: mushrooms (24%)

If imitation meats aren’t for you, this has your name on it. It has a good mix of vegetables, including sweet corn, peas and carrots, with notes of coriander and chilli. Unfortunately, it falls apart easily.

Score: 6/10

Plant Chef Meatless Burgers (Tesco, 226g, £ 1.30 for two)

Main ingredients: water and pea protein (20%)

This took me by surprise, especially considering the price. The flavors are well balanced and the texture is succulent. I enjoyed it a lot.

Score: 7/10

Moving Mountains ¼ ​​pound plant-based burgers (227g, £ 4 for two)

Main ingredients: Water, pea and soy protein (15%)

This looks a lot like a traditional beef burger. Not only does it have the look and feel of the real deal, it’s also packed with flavor – smoky, tangy, and buttery. I will definitely have this again.

Score: 8/10

Beyond Meat Beyond Burgers (226g, £ 4.40 for two)

Main ingredients: water and pea protein (16%)

Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger

My winner. It has a juicy and convincingly meaty texture, with a bright meaty flavor and a deeper pink center.

Score: 9/10

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