Singapore Kids Prepare for Third Year of School Amid Covid-19

Singapore Kids Prepare for Third Year of School Amid Covid-19

SINGAPORE – Oncologist Tanujaa Rajasekaran, 37, chose to pick up her six-year-old daughter’s books at St Margaret’s primary school rather than opt for online delivery.

“My husband and I went down to pick up her books with our two daughters so I could mentally prepare her that the new school will not be as small as her kindergarten,” she said.

As students across the island prepare for a third year of schooling amid Covid-19, parents of children beginning Primary 1 said the absence of in-person guidance has prompted them to find creative ways to help. your children in the transition to a new learning environment.

Ms. Yvonne Fan, 38, has been involving her children in every step of the process, from buying uniforms to writing their names in school books.

She said: “Every little moment, especially during Covid-19, should be celebrated. We also start sleeping earlier in the week before school to prepare for an early wake up.”

The managing director of the public relations firm Tate Anzur has three daughters between the ages of three and eight.

Another mother, Madame Nur’afifah Mohd Hussain, 29, has been talking with her oldest son about his expectations in school and has been excited about the new environment by allowing him to choose his stationery and lunch box.

The self-employed educator and homemaker said: “I have read her books on safety such as body safety (protecting yourself from inappropriate touches) and road safety, among other things, to rehearse what school will be like.

“Unfortunately due to Covid-19, I am unable to go to school due to restrictions, so only the school bus will pick you up.”

As last year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will stagger reporting times for children so that safe handling measures can be effectively implemented.

On Tuesday (January 4), only Kindergarten 1 children in MOE kindergartens and Primary 1 students will perform at their schools. This arrangement includes the elementary and secondary sections of special education schools.

Children in Kindergarten 2 and Primary 2 through 6 will return to school one day later, on Wednesday.

Experts emphasize the importance of parents supporting their children. Bryan Tan, 45, executive director of the Center for Fathering, Mums for Life, and Dads for Life, said disruptions to normal school routines over the past two years have caused an unprecedented amount of stress for children, and it is some may not be able to. express what they are experiencing.

“Therefore, it is important that our children know that their parents are there to support them and are there for them when they find it difficult to adapt to these changes caused by the pandemic,” he added.

This year, parents of more than 120 preschools, elementary and secondary schools, as well as colleges, will write notes of encouragement to help their children start the new school year as part of the Back to School with Dad initiative. from the center.

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