Sanibel Sprout has a new owner

Sanibel Sprout has a new owner

Sanibel Sprout has a new owner

After a month of parties and celebrations, January is a famous time to set healthy goals. If cleaner eating is on your agenda, The Sanibel Sprout is ready to please.

After closing its doors briefly for the summer, the vegan cafe reopened in mid-December with a new owner, Jianna Senkeleski.

Senkeleski started working for Sprout’s previous owner Nikki Rood when she was just 15 years old. Rood founded the Sanibel café in 2011 and went through a couple of locations before moving into the current café space at The Islander Center, a plaza outside of bustling Periwinkle. Road.

For reasons the 19-year-old Senkeleski cannot explain, she changed her plans to attend college in Arizona last year and opted for online courses at home.

From left to right: Emily Rendall, Julia Senkeleski, owner Jianna Senkeleski, Katie Haas and Angela Bermudez at The Sanibel Sprout.

“I thought maybe God had something for me here,” he said. “But I wasn’t expecting this.”

“This” was buying The Sanibel Sprout in October.

“I’m young, but I knew this business,” Senkeleski said. “Nikki and I are friends, and I think she had peace in giving it to me. I want to carry out his legacy, but do it my way. “

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