Madison County’s Fully Vegetarian and Organic CBD Cafe Opening Soon

Madison County’s Fully Vegetarian and Organic CBD Cafe Opening Soon

Madison County’s Fully Vegetarian and Organic CBD Cafe Opening Soon

MARSHALL – Health-conscious Madison County residents will soon have another appetizing and profitable option, as an all-vegetarian and all-organic restaurant will open in downtown Marshall.

The CBD Cafe, located in the building formerly occupied by Good Stuff next to Zuma’s, will have a full menu of vegetarian options. Owner Peter Ford said he also plans to host live music at the venue.

As the name suggests, the restaurant will also offer CBD on its plates, Ford said.

“If it’s not organic, it won’t be on the menu,” Ford said. “CBD is something you can add. So if you say, ‘Hey, I want your plate of fries and give me that with 33mg CBD, then we can do it. You can add CBD to any of the drinks too.”

Ford, who has lived in Marshall since 2005, said the restaurant will also offer a handful of CBD drinks as “elixirs” on its menu.

The building’s renovation began in May, according to the owner.

The CBD Cafe will offer live music.  Its hours will be from Sunday to Thursday, 7 a.m.  M. A 9 p.  M., Friday 7 a.m.  M. At 11 p.  M. And Saturdays from 7 to.  M. At 2 p.  M., said owner Peter Ford.

Marshall Health Collective

Eventually, the owner’s plan is to showcase CBD-related products available through Terpene Valley, a local business, and refer to the entire building as the Marshall Health Collective.

“Marshall Health Collective also includes the companies that are providing us with some of the elixirs: Wise Earth Way, Go With the Flow CBD and Terpene Valley,” said Ford. “So we will have those people contributing to the whole healthy environment and providing healthy alternatives, so that you can go out and listen to music and have a good time and drink a healthy drink that will help enlighten you and bring a higher consciousness to yourself.”

Ford said it plans to offer grocery products outside of the building.

The CBD Cafe, located at 38 Baileys Branch Road in downtown Marshall in the building formerly known as Good Stuff, is opening soon, according to owner Peter Ford.

“The front, of course, will have all of our baked goods – the muffins, muffins, and breads, but you can also buy peanuts, peanut butter, almond butter, chickpeas, and hummus,” he said. “So it will be a bit like a grocery store, but only using the raw ingredients or the finished product. We will not just buy things and resell them. Either we will, or it is a raw product.”

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