Braazo Pizza proves that Los Angeles is the city of angels, not the city of pizza

Braazo Pizza proves that Los Angeles is the city of angels, not the city of pizza

I’m here in Los Angeles, the second-largest city by population in the United States, to cover the 108th Rose Bowl Game.

Driving from the airport, I felt like a kid in a candy store seeing the skyline, lights, and attractions like SoFi Stadium and the Los Angeles Times headquarters.

Considering the expensive nature of the city, I’ve been making the most of the meals the hotel offers, and the time allotted to get out and explore has been severely limited by the most rain Los Angeles has seen in a long time. according to some Uber drivers.

Still, there are millions of people and almost everything to do here. However, reflecting my failed attempt to visit Dodger Stadium, I became nervous when looking for a good pizza place to review this special Rose Bowl edition of Pie Day Friday.

I went into the Slice app, which allows users to order from independent pizzerias across the United States, and searched for nearby places before choosing Braazo Pizza. Due to the downpour, I was unable to make the mile walk to pick up the food, so I relied on a delivery service, which was a mistake.

After an hour of waiting and lack of communication regarding where to deliver the pizza, I opened the box and realized that I received the wrong pizza.

I ordered a large pepperoni, as I have for all of the pie day Friday reviews, but instead they greeted me with a pizza covered not only in pepperoni, but also sausage and barbecue chicken.

I considered looking for a different place for the integrity of the review, but I have to give people what they want. With our press hours and other obligations, I had to make sure I at least checked something in the City of Angels.

I tried to follow the same standards that I had in previous reviews, paying special attention to the cheese, sauce, etc., but honestly, it was difficult. For my first bite, I was unable to taste anything other than barbecue chicken, which was a complication I hadn’t dealt with in previous reviews. To get the most accurate rating, I had to take a couple of bites towards the center where there was exclusively cheese and sauce.

Other than the barbecue chicken in my initial bite, there was no flavoring whatsoever. The sauce was almost non-existent and the pepperoni was undercooked and flimsy.

What struck me regarding the appearance of the pizza was how soft the papery crust was. It fell sadly to the ground like a withered plant. The crust was tasteless or crunchy, and left behind nothing but a mushy, airy fluff, which almost sounds good from a written description, but didn’t appeal to me in the least.

There was also a strange gap between the crust, cheese, and toppings. Paying tribute to the holidays and the gift wrap that accompanies them, it seemed as if the baker had glued the cheese to the crust and the toppings to the cheese like sloppy wrapping paper.

I didn’t realize this, but there was a hotel employee on the second floor who had been viewing the review from the balcony. After we stopped filming, he yelled and said he should have given the pizza two.

He took the elevator down one level to the lobby and said the pizza in downtown Los Angeles is not very good.

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

Rating: 5.3 / 10


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