Birmingham’s Hazel, Ravines & Downtown shortens the name and revives the old menu

Birmingham’s Hazel, Ravines & Downtown shortens the name and revives the old menu

Birmingham’s Hazel, Ravines & Downtown shortens the name and revives the old menu

Hazel, Ravines & Downtown, the popular downtown Birmingham restaurant, is kicking off the New Year with a new name.

Co-owners Beth Hussey and Emmele Herrold announced Monday that the restaurant will now be known simply as Hazel’s. Its name change came about because the owners and staff, as well as guests, often called it “Hazel’s.”

The owners said they also revamped the look to match the shorter name.

Known for offering a rotating menu focused on seasonal seafood for nearly two years, the restaurant first opened in 2018. It was originally named after three Birmingham neighborhoods that converge on Maple and Woodward, where Hazel’s is located. On the menu, each of those neighborhoods was represented with different cuisines.

The idea for a seafood-centric menu, namely lobster and called “Hazel’s Lobster Pound,” started in the summer of 2019. That menu was a hit and the phones rang for reservations and their lobster rolls. What followed was Hazel’s Crab Trap and the eventual transformation to a focus on bringing in fresh seafood.

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Co-owners Beth Hussey (left) and Emmele Herrold (right)

Hussey and Herrold first based their seafood-centric menus on their trips to the East Coast, as well as their connections with their raw bar vendors. Hazel’s seasonal lobster and crab promotions proved so popular that the downtown Birmingham restaurant decided to focus its menu on fresh seafood year-round.

Hazel’s Crab Trap, the restaurants’ seasonal winter menu, returns this Wednesday replacing its Pacific Northwest-themed offerings. The menu of seasonal seafood favorites includes freshly caught stone crab claws for grouper. Stone crab claws are a prized Florida delicacy. The stone crab claw season started in October and runs through May. Stone crabs are sought after only for their claws with meat that is known to be decadent and delicately sweet. When harvesting, only one claw is removed from the stone crab and the stone crab is returned to the water where it will regenerate its lost claw.

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