5 Creative Hot Chocolate Updates To Try This Winter

5 Creative Hot Chocolate Updates To Try This Winter

Hot chocolate is a cozy favorite for cold weather. While the traditional drink is always a tasty option, hot chocolate is capable of much more. From baked goods to frozen treats, there are plenty of sweet ways to put those hot fudge packets to work. Enjoy the versatility of hot chocolate with these five unique recipes.

one. Baileys slow cooker hot chocolate

If you’re in the mood for hot chocolate with a kick, this recipe will work! Start by adding milk, double cream, condensed milk, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and Baileys to a slow cooker. Then simmer for an hour. Lastly, add some marshmallows and serve with whipped cream and fudge sauce.

two. Hot chocolate with cheese

This Colombian specialty is super easy to make. First, make your hot chocolate with water instead of milk. Then add cinnamon and cloves. Next, chop up a few cubes of mozzarella or your favorite white cheese and place in a mug. Pour the hot chocolate over the cheese and let it melt. So grab a spoon and enjoy!

3. Hot chocolate dip

Desserts are immersed in the dip game. This hot fudge sauce recipe consists of a mixture of heavy cream and hot fudge paired with Marshmallow Cream and Cool Whip. Once whipped, top the sauce with marshmallows and sprinkle. Serve with graham crackers or shortbread cookies.

Four. Ferrero Rocher hot chocolate

This recipe turns up the heat on Ferrero Rocher chocolates! Start by combining milk, cream, sugar, and dark cocoa powder in a hot skillet. Next, add Ferrero Rocher chocolates in half to a pitcher and then a scoop of Nutella. Next, pour in the hot chocolate mixture, completely covering the Nutella and chocolates before blending. Lastly, serve the hot chocolate in a glass with a single Ferrero Rocher. Top with some whipped cream or whiskey.

5. Hot chocolate tahini

If you can’t get enough tahini, why not add it to your hot chocolate? First, mix the milk, tahini, and honey in a hot skillet. Next, add the vanilla extract, espresso powder, cinnamon, salt, and a generous amount of chopped bittersweet chocolate. Pour into a glass and top with whipped cream and black sesame seeds.

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