15 Christmas Snack Recipes Your Guests Will Love

15 Christmas Snack Recipes Your Guests Will Love

1. Wreath of sausage roll with exuded camembert

Sausage roll wreath with oozing camembert

Wow the crowd with this Edible Pork and Beef Sausage Roll Wreath, which is also the perfect centerpiece for your holiday table.

2. Shrimp, avocado and sesame bites

Prawn, avocado and sesame bites

André Martin

Give seafood canapes an Asian twist with wonton wrappers and sweet chili sauce. Serve in ceramic spoons for a refined touch!

3. Sticky jerk lamb skewers

Partying with lamb in the sun, it doesn't get more Australian than that!  Cook's tip, if you have some time, marinate the meat for a few hours to give it more flavor.

Christmas in Australia: feast on lamb under the sun. There is nothing more Australian than that! Cook’s tip, if you have some time, marinate the meat for a few hours to give it more flavor.

Four. Pigs in blankets

Pigs in blankets

A glamorous twist on a favorite dish, wrap chipolatas in striped bacon, bake, and serve with your Christmas lunch or dinner.

Crispy salmon

André Martin

These croustades, which mean “small cups”, have a classy look and are sure to impress guests. But don’t worry, these are easy to do.

6. Beef sausage tarts, figs and pistachio

Give your sausage rolls a different twist with dried figs, pistachios and triangle shapes.

Barbecued prawn skewers with lime and lemongrass

These Lime Lemongrass BBQ Prawn Skewers It will hit the spot on a hot summer day. Cook them on the barbecue for Christmas lunch!

8. Arancini


Arancini means ‘small orange’, which is roughly the size of these ricotta balls, crisp on the outside with a smooth, flavorful center. With a variety of fillings, you can make this popular Italian snack to suit all tastes.

9. Spinach, feta and lemon dumplings


Paul martin

To entertain effortlessly serve these cakes as part of a mezze platter (with everything else bought from the store!).

10. Popcorn Chicken with Aioli

Popcorn Chicken with Aioli

Bite-size chicken pieces that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!

12. Olive and goat cheese bites

Olive and goat cheese bites

André Martin

Use delicious Australian cheeses and a generous touch of spices for vegetarian-style entertaining.

13. Delicious breadsticks

Delicious breadsticks

André Martin

So simple, so continental. Use gingerbread serving glasses at different heights for added interest.

14. Cheese croquettes

Cheese croquettes

André Martin

Brown and crisp on the outside, stuffed with fluffy potato on the inside, these croquettes will keep you (and your guests) coming back for more.

15. Lamb sausage, macadamia and mint rolls

Lamb Sausage, Macadamia and Mint Rolls

You can’t go past the winning combination of lamb and mint flavors. Give your sausage rolls the gourmet treat with a fancy homemade filling!

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