Rich burgers

Rich burgers

Johnnie’s Jams with director Jonathan MerisHAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Because it is the new year, director Jonathan Meris selects songs that have the word “new” (or known) in the title or in the artists’ names. Do you know these jams ???

Question of the dayTake a look at today’s question

Just win, baby!Johnny The Serb joins us to recap Week 17 in the NFL.

The foot challengeAre you coordinated enough to do this?

Good morning rewindThis is what you missed on today’s show.

Roberts Family Development CenterDo you need a place for kids to hang out, burn off energy, and learn great social skills? Visit the Roberts Family Development Center, a great place for children and adults alike.

Teen Tune – 1/3Tina is here with Teen’s Tune! Today, we are exploring some of the lesser-known hits of the mid-80s – play with us!

LunaLoveandCo – Handmade children’s clothingBecca founded Lunaloveandco in 2018, making handmade bows. Then when she had a hard time finding clothes that fit her daughter, she branched out to make children’s clothing! Now, there are clothes for girls and boys, and even some styles for women! Julissa Ortiz is checking everything!

Rich burgersYou like burgers. Lori Wallace is with a local food truck and they have your fix of burgers: both traditional and vegetarian. See how you can get these tasty burgers!

Richeese Burgers Food CartRichesse Burgers has been offering homemade burgers for almost a year and much more. Lori Wallace is checking out the menu, and maybe bringing something to the team!

Pros of educational entertainmentEDUtainment Pros’s mission is to provide tangible resources for slum kids to teach them the basic creative and business fundamentals of running an independent music label. Big Al is in his studio, finding out how you can get your kids involved!

“The Expanse” on Amazon Prime Video“The Expanse” on Amazon Prime Video is a fantastic sci-fi show, and “The Belters” has its own unique language. That language creator, voice, and language coach, Eric Armstrong, joins Cody to discuss the show!

Career recoveryNew year, new job. We speak with Dr. Jarret Patton, author of “Licensed to Drive,” and he tells us how we can get our career back. See how you can do it by following these steps.

Bumble Bee 2022 WatchJulissa Ortiz is at UC Davis where they have a Bumble Bee photography contest. See the previous winner, show us your winning shot of a bumblebee.

Thousands of people were without power in the Sierra after snow knocked down trees on power linesPG&E is working to restore power to more than 23,000 customers after storms dumped large amounts of snow in the Sierra, knocking down trees on power lines. The utility company says more than 500 power poles need to be replaced.

The fun exchangeDo you like anime and / or Funco products? Check out The Fun Exchange where they have everything Funco and anime related!

I-80 traffic returns to normal after morning delay at West El CaminoAll lanes of I-80 are reopened after a delay due to police activity Monday morning.

Monday Morning Forecast – 3/1/22Cody Stark has his forecast for the Sacramento region.

Some parents are concerned about school district Covid testing confusionWinter break is over for Sacramento Unified School District students, but there is confusion about COVID testing and it is causing some concerns. Parents say information is missing.

Traffic on I-80 in West El Camino slow due to police activityTraffic moves slowly in both directions on I-80 and the West El Camino overpass due to police activity.


Impossible standing challengeNobody can do this


Teen Melody 1/2Teen’s Tune Sunday!


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