Chicken N Pickle restaurant opens between Dallas and Fort Worth

Chicken N Pickle restaurant opens between Dallas and Fort Worth


Chicken n Pickle is a game park and wood-fired chicken restaurant.

Pickleball restaurants made a double debut last week, and now we know what all the fuss is about.

Missouri-based Chicken N Pickle opened a giant playground, brewhouse, and wood-burning chicken restaurant at 2965 Texas 161 South, just south of Arkansas Lane along the now-flourishing Bush Tollway to the east of Arlington.

A smaller local pickleball restaurant, Kitchen by the court, also opened at 1615 Rogers Road in Fort Worth with a chef’s menu Christian lehrmann from Tinie. More of that another day.

Chicken N Pickle has 77,000 square feet of dining room, pickeball on 11 courts, and lawn games.

Chicken n Pickle serves four seasoned wood-roasted chicken (top), plus ribs and sides like corn (left). Bud kennedy

The food side is all about rotisserie chicken, but it also serves burgers, “North Kansas City spicy” chicken sandwiches or fried chicken, and brunch dishes, including chicken and waffles.

The chicken flavors may come from Kansas City, but some of the seasonings are very Texan.

Side dishes include corn (labeled here as “street corn”), a serrano and coriander salad salad, and a melted cheese disguised under the menu name “chorizo ​​fondue.”

Chicken n Pickle has a large dining room and bar. Bud kennedy

One of the seasonings for chicken is a mixture of “seven peppers” with a roasted orange. although it is not very spicy. For more heat, there is a selection of Austin Yellowbird sauces.

The house special is a lemon roasted chicken ($ 13.80 for half a chicken, additional sides).

It’s exceptionally good – a large portion of chicken, juicy and full of flavor.

But at over $ 25 for a whole chicken, it should be.

The other seasonings are “Southwest” with lime or Caribbean jerk.

Chicken n Pickle’s extensive menu is based on four flavors of wood-roasted chicken. Bud kennedy

There’s also a combo basket of a quarter chicken and some spare ribs for $ 15. But the ribs from a recent visit weren’t what Texans expected.

The menu also features salads, including a Cilantro Jalapeño Salmon Power Bowl ($ 14.95), a Cobb, and others with roasted, broiled, or fried chicken.

You could make a full dinner with side dishes: corn and salad, argula beets and pistachio, Brussels sprouts with pickled mustard.

The desserts, all designed to be shared at the table, range from giant cookies with ice cream to a churro waffle or a coconut cream cake.

Chicken n Pickle is open for lunch and dinner daily and is served until 11 pm on weekdays and on weekends at midnight; 469-943-1410,

Another location is under construction at Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine.

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