Barrel Boys BBQ food truck is about to become a restaurant

Barrel Boys BBQ food truck is about to become a restaurant


Buddy King and his family are opening a new barbecue restaurant at 13th and McLean in Wichita.

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A Wichita pit master who has spent the past eight years racking up accolades and awards on the competitive barbecue circuit is about to open his own restaurant in Wichita.

Buddy King, who has also been operating his Barrel Boys BBQ food truck for the past five years, says he is close to finishing approvals to lease the little gray building at 2202 W. 13th St. and that it should have a barbecue. restaurant that works in spring. Aim for late March or early April.

The building, which sits on the northwest corner of 13th and McLean, has space for about 20 diners indoors and more in a planned patio on the east side of the building. A grassy lot to the east of the building will also be converted into a parking lot.

In addition to serving customers who dine at home, King said, it will place special emphasis on the take-out business and offer family meal deals that people can pick up on the way home from work.

King, whose specialty is brisket, says he will serve it in addition to items like ribs, turkey, hotlinks, and sides like cheesy corn, cole slaw, potato salad, and bean breasts. His wife, Joana, will also occasionally cook some of the Filipino-style grills for which she has become known to food truck fans.

King has won many awards during his competitive career, and when barbecue season begins, usually March through October, he and his family travel to at least two competitions a month. Cooking has become a family affair, and the Kings’ sons Rainen, 12, and Chase, 9, are also learning to navigate the hole.

For starters, the restaurant will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, King said, but as the staff trains, the hours will expand.

Buddy King, left, is opening a new barbecue restaurant with the help of his family, including his sons Chase, second from left, Rainen, and his wife Joana. Courtesy

King, who grew up in Riverside and went to North High School, said he enjoyed driving his food truck, which he had frequently installed near 13th and McLean. When it did, it always sold out within a few hours, he said.

But he has always preferred the idea of ​​serving his barbecue in a restaurant. With all the loading and unloading, a food truck is a lot of work, he said, and King still works three days a week at a local aircraft plant.

“I’d rather go in, turn on the lights, and light a fire,” he said.

The building is in a busy location, he said, on the road that many people he knows take home and many nearby apartments. It is also right across the street from the newer duplexes that go up at the southeast corner of the intersection.

The restaurant, he anticipates, will keep him so busy that he will have to stay out of the competition loop for at least a year. He also plans to park the truck for now.

King has yet to decide on a name for the restaurant, he said, though it will likely remain Barrel Boys or become Tender Town, a reference to his motto “We take it to Tender Town.” He could post a poll on his Facebook page and ask customers to decide for him, he said.

I’ll keep you posted on the restaurant’s progress.

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