7 Must-Try Items From VEG’D, Costa Mesa’s Plant-Based Self-Service Restaurant

7 Must-Try Items From VEG’D, Costa Mesa’s Plant-Based Self-Service Restaurant

With a new year finally here, it’s time to set your health resolutions for 2022! Whether you are looking to eat cleaner or adopt some vegan eating habits, we have the perfect place to help you fill your plate and achieve your goals. VEG’D is a plant-based self-service restaurant in Costa Mesa that makes it easy to eat healthy with its nutritious and convenient dishes. With the help of VEG’D Co-owner Christine Mulholland, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite menu items to help you start the new year feeling great – and sticking with those tough resolutions, of course. Vegan Drive-Thru near me

Good morning sammie

Featuring brioche scones delivered daily at a local OC bakery, Good Morning Sammie in VEG’D it’s made with smashed tater tots, egg only, tempeh bacon, vegan sausage, and cheddar cheese, giving it all the flavor of a traditional brekky sandwich. According to Mulholland, “This is the kind of breakfast sandwich you won’t believe you can get at a drive-thru. You could seriously find it on a fancy restaurant menu, it’s that good. “

Vegan Drive-Thru near me


If you are looking to get all your antioxidants for the day in an efficient way, give him one of the refreshing shakes of VEG’D behind. Having a hard time choosing a flavor? Mulholland recommends the Protein for Pros shake. “It tastes like a smoothie but has all the good-for-you ingredients that give you the best of both worlds!” she explains.

Hot chik

If you love being plant-based but miss out on the flavorful flavor and crunchy crunch of a classic chicken sandwich, take a bite of the VEG’D Hot Chik. Featuring a homemade chicken burger made from organic soybeans and jackfruit, this best-selling sandwich is made perfect with buffalo sauce, pickles, and coleslaw. All of this with a fresh brioche bun will definitely cure your craving!

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VEG’D Burger

With its delicious brioche bun, the VEG’D burger combines a homemade vegan burger with the simplest ingredients of lettuce, tomato, pickles and cheddar “cheese” to provide diners with the best plant-based burger. The tender burger will make you seriously question whether you are actually eating. “Ask for it ‘Get VEG’D Style’ to add roasted onions and extra sauce, it’s the way to go!” Mulholland says.


Credit: Wonho Frank Lee, Veg’d

Our list would certainly not be complete without the VEG’D version of a BLT. Made with tempeh bacon, lettuce, avocado, sprouts, tomato, ranch, and local sourdough, don’t be surprised if BLAST turns into a weekly order for you. “The sourdough grills to perfection like grilled cheese,” says Mulholland. “Plus, even though it’s already a hearty sandwich, some customers go crazy and stack it with pickles, cucumbers, pepper jack or provolone cheese.”

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Kung Pao Cauliflower Bowl

Photograph by: Wonho Frank Lee, Veg’d

The kung pao cauliflower bowl in VEG’D has become a fan favorite due to its dynamic flavors and texture. Over your choice of veggies, grains, or half of each, enjoy a tasty mix of cauliflower, zucchini, tofu, bell peppers, cashews, and sesame seeds mixed with a spicy kung pao sauce. Despite being quite filling, Mulholland says this healthy bowl will leave you feeling light even after gobbling it all up.

Cold beer float

Credit: Tim Aukshunas / Aukshunas Photo

Whether you need a midday stimulant or are looking for a healthier alternative to dessert, the Cold Brew Float at VEG’D It will curb your sweet tooth without making you feel the lethargy of a sugar drop. Using creamy oat milk based vanilla soft serve ice cream (homemade) and cold coffee from local MoonGoat coffee roasters, Mulholland says the Cold Brew Float is the best you’ve ever had.

Vegan Drive-Thru near me

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