10 best restaurants in New York to splurge

10 best restaurants in New York to splurge

One of the hardest questions to answer is, “What restaurant should I try in New York?” An even tougher question to answer is, “What restaurant is worth spending money on in New York?” The type of cuisine, service, presentation and occasion are just some of the factors to consider when planning to spend a lot of money on a meal. Fortunately, we’ve listed our 10 favorites in New York City that we think are worth every penny.

The bernardino

A plate at Le Bernardin.

Expect the best service and exceptional fish-based French cuisine on this three-star Michelin dining experience. Le Bernardin was born in Paris and expanded to New York in 1986. Diners are in good hands, as Le Bernardin’s chef Eric Ripert has run the kitchen for more than 20 years. Le Bernardin offers a few tasting menu options; The four-course menu is divided into three categories: almost raw, barely touched, and lightly cooked.

Think Raw Kampachi with grated yuzu, lemon, and extra virgin olive oil and poached Black Bass with stewed cippolini, spinach, and shaved turnip sauce with bacon and green pepper. The chef’s tasting menu (which we highly recommend) consists of eight dishes, from Osetra caviar in a “potato cloud” to poached lobster with black trumpet and turnips to brown sugar curd, oatmeal, and apple-pomegranate sorbet. While seafood remains Ripert’s passion, there is also the option of a vegetarian tasting menu. Le Bernardin serves 99% wild, sustainable fish from between Maine and North Carolina.

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A plate at Vestry.

Located in SoHo, the Michelin-starred Vestry places a great emphasis on seafood and vegetable dishes. Influenced by Asian cuisine, the menu includes a variety of sharable small plates and larger entrees. Menu highlights are the shiitake handroll with nishiki rice, wrapped in wasabi leaves; chu toro with yuzu and fresh wasabi; sushi rice mixed with egg yolk, shiso and trout roe; Atlantic salmon with butternut squash and kombu; and Homemade Honeycrisp Apple Cheesecake.

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Rezdora dishes.

Housed in a narrow space with brick walls, Rezdôra is a simple and exclusive Italian restaurant with a Michelin star. Pasta is the route to take here, and if you really want to commit to that route, try the five-course pasta tasting menu. Dishes to try include burrata with real mushrooms and black truffle puree; strozzapreti pasta with tomato sauce, lobster and basil; uovo raviolo di nino bergese pasta with ricotta, egg yolk, sage and white truffle; and scallops with roasted pumpkin, hazelnuts and saba. Most of the produce comes from the nearby Union Square Green Market, and Rezdôra is committed to working with local farmers.

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Atomix interior.
The food on the two Michelin-starred Atomix’s 10-course Korean Tasting Menu is truly excellent. There are several details that make dining at this restaurant well worth it to your wallet. To get started, you must ring the bell of a small, unmarked residential building to enter. You will then be greeted by a host and escorted down the stairs to a counter with 14 chairs. Some sandwiches do arrive, but the fun thing is that you are presented with a tray of toothpicks, each unique, and you will have the option to select your perfect match. After this fun step, dinner begins. Each course begins with a note card. The note card provides specific details about what you are about to consume, even with small ingredients like water. The note cards also have a short description of the inspiration behind the plate, as well as the IG handle of the person who made the plate. Courses start small and progressively get larger. At the end of the meal, you will be given an envelope to take all your note cards home.

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the sea

A dish at Marea.

You know the food will be exceptional and the service incredible the moment you walk into the Michelin-starred Marea. Pasta dishes are the restaurant’s claim of fame, but Marea is a seafood restaurant before an Italian one. Marea can be experienced through a tasting menu or a la carte. Featured dishes include raw; grilled octopus with fregola, dried tomato, Castelvetrano olive, almond and charred raisins; and grilled lobster with mushrooms, castelfranco and caramelised sunchoke. The homemade pastas are the star of the show with the gnocchetti mixed with tomatoes, shrimp, chili peppers and rosemary oil, and the squid ink lobster ravioli with coral bottarga are our favorites.

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Interior by Jean Georges.

Superior French cuisine makes this two Michelin star restaurant worthwhile. Dishes feature everything from attention to detail and immaculate seasonal produce to a variety of flavor combinations. Dishes may include foie gras terrine with glazed sour cherries and candied almonds topped with a fine brûlée rind, while steamed black sea bass is dressed table-side with a smooth red curry broth, a hint of lime and a dash sesame. Desserts are more elaborate, such as a plum sorbet, a poached pear with verbena, and a melon soup palate cleanser with “vanilla noodles.” Also available is a vegetarian tasting menu featuring butternut squash puree with minced chives and brunoised mushrooms.

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SAGA interior.

Located on the 63rd floor of the Art Deco building, Saga is a seasonal multi-course tasting menu with Moroccan influences. The average dinner lasts around 3.5 hours and is spread over several different rooms. First, you will have a cocktail on the terrace. There is no menu to peruse in advance, so a waiter will come up to you and ask you a couple of questions (this dish or this dish?). After answering, continue with the cocktails until you are summoned to sit in one of the dining rooms. The execution of the dishes in Saga is essential. After finishing your meal, you will be taken to a different terrace for tea service followed by dessert.

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A plate at Batard.

Bâtard is home to a multi-course European tasting menu with hints of the chef’s native Austrian roots. Menu highlights include foie gras mousse with almond, apple, sunchoke and blueberry streusel; Carnaroli risotto with wild mushrooms, chives, Parmesan and juice; and Amish chicken with roasted salsify, ricotta, chicken ragout, candied shallot, and sage juice.

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The modern

A plate at The Modern.

The two Michelin-starred The Modern overlooks MoMA’s sculpture garden and is designed to capture the feel of the art museum. Dishes like seed cracker with aged cheddar cheese and pumpkin butter; or soft-boiled eggs with sturgeon caviar; or roasted turbot on the bone along with a rich Parmesan cream can be found on the carefully selected pre-set menu. We recommend making a reservation while it is still daylight to be able to contemplate the garden while the sun is still out.

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Indian accent

Dish with an Indian accent.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly rigid options on Indian Accent’s Prix fixe and Chef’s Tasting Menu. Yes, it is good food, but the restaurant is not above letting you have fun and even become a bit authentic eating with your hands. Menu favorites are beet peanut butter tikki and goat cheese raita; sweet pickle ribs, sun-dried mango and onion seeds; Crispy Jackfruit, Cauliflower Rice, and Kerala Pumpkin Curry; Roasted paper dosa, wild mushrooms, water chestnuts and gunpowder; and for dessert, makhan malai, saffron milk, rose petal jaggery and almonds.

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