Vegan empanadas to go in Los Angeles

Vegan empanadas to go in Los Angeles

If you like sandwiches, cakes and many flavors, then you will love empanadas! Hand pastry is derived from Spanish and Latin American cultures. Baked or fried, sweet or savory, made from corn or wheat, there are so many varieties of the beloved dish. Here’s a list of places to buy vegan patties in Los Angeles.

Toluca lake

Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory patties, this local vegan bakery has you covered! The empanada’s tasty flavors range from spinach and mushrooms to potato and jalapeño (all varieties also come filled with vegan cheese). On the sweet side, Toluca Bakery & Cafe has guava, apple, pineapple, pumpkin, and cream empanadas every day. We suggest carrying a box of your favorite empanadas for you and your crew to enjoy at home.

Toluca Bakery & Cafe

Saint Ana

Soy Concha Bakery is the definitive stop for vegan sweet bread. Aside from its popular shells, this bakery makes sweet patties with the flavors of pineapple, pumpkin, and soy milk. While you’re there, be sure to try some other pastries – the Vegansitos are to die for!

I am Concha Bakery


This pop-up got a popular vote for the best vegan patty in Los Angeles on PETA Food Fight: Empanadas Edition, so you know they’re authentic. KOMEME has four savory patties (potato and leek; spinach, almond, and kale; black beans and mole; and samosa), as well as a rotating menu of sweet patties. Be sure to dip your tasty empanadas in the chimichurri sauce!



The pastelitos are Cuban cakes from the same family as empanadas. They are traditionally made with a puff pastry on the outside and ground meat on the inside. At Señoreata, you can get a vegan version with Cuban hash, soy crumbs, bell peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, raisins, and Manzanilla olive tapenade. For dessert, you can have some sweet cupcakes filled with flaky guava and coconut cream cheese!


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In case you missed it, Tabitha Brown opened a Los Angeles location of vegan restaurant Kale My Name with founder Nemanja Nekac Golubovic. The menu shows a combination of dishes from cultures from around the world. On the appetizer menu, or as Tabitha calls it, the “I’m not very hungry, but I’m going to eat anyway” menu, there is a plate with three potato and vegetable patties. Served with vegan garlic aioli as a side, this dish is fire!

Kale my name

West lake

Suitable for vegans

You may know this place for its vegan tamales and pupusas, but did you know that they also make empanadas? Salvadoran Pastelitos from Mama’s Tamales won the Judge’s Choice Award for Best Vegan Empanada in Los Angeles at PETA Food Fight: Empanadas Edition. Loaded with veggies and accompanied by salsa and tanning, these fried corn patties will keep you coming back for more. Could we suggest placing an additional order for empanadas to go?

Mom tamales

Beverly Grove, Fairfax and Glendale

Suitable for vegans

This iconic Los Angeles empanadas makes some of the cutest empanadas we’ve ever seen; each is stamped with the flavor name and Nonna’s Empanadas logo. All three locations sell a Samosa Veggie Empanada that is 100% vegan. The Glendale location (in the Americana at Brand mall) has two additional vegan options: Beyond Meat and Chick-N Salsa Verde. You can also find these vegan patties at Muddy Paw Coffee.

Nonna empanadas

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Suitable for vegans

World Empanadas specializes in Argentine empanadas with a Southern California twist. Their freshly baked patties come in a variety of delicious flavors with various vegan options ranging from sweet to savory. The current line of vegan empanadas includes soy chorizo, quinoa and lentils, mushroom cheese and cashews, pinto beans and rice, mixed berries, and nutella and banana.

World Empanadas

Photo Credit: @vegan__mayo on Instagram


Suitable for vegans

Marcelo Gutiérrez founded The Empanada Factory in 2003 to serve baked Argentine empanadas (or Mendoza style) to the masses. Since then, the business has grown to earn spots on various lists covering the best empanadas in Los Angeles. The spicy vegetable, eggplant and mushroom patties and spinach are suitable for vegans. Come by and try these warm pockets of goodness or grab some empanadas to go!

The Empanadas Factory

Silver lake

Suitable for vegans

While most of the empanadas showcase Latin American flavors, this place offers Thai empanadas that use ingredients from Southeast Asia. The appetizer features a curry puff pastry with a curried potato filling that is seasoned to perfection. It’s a great starter to start your meal at Bulan Thai Vegetarian Kitchen!

Thai Vegetarian Cooking Month

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