SunLive – New Cafe Announced for Thirty Eight Elizabeth

SunLive – New Cafe Announced for Thirty Eight Elizabeth

Elizabeth Towers residents and locals alike have another reason to get excited about the Thirty Eight Elizabeth development with another impressive terrace food and drink offering.

The unique design and coffee concept, Philia, will be a place to cool off and have a bite from a menu of nutritious local whole foods from nature, including sea, land and forest. There will be numerous vegetarian and vegetable options available.

The cafe itself has a grand entrance that opens to the new Thirty Eight Elizabeth | The Elizabeth Towers development and other dining options along with the new Picnicka restaurant.

The owners of Philia, Sangeeta and Gurwant Dhot, look forward to bringing Tauranga to a unique experience.

“Philia is a fresh, nutritious, exciting and innovative food offering with an emphasis on vegetarian and vegan options using raw produce,” says Sangeeta.

“We will use local, sustainable and mainly plant-based products. Sustainability is at the heart of our business, not just with food, but as an overarching concept for the entire business.”

The couple plan to provide an immersive hospitality gathering complete with their food, interior and design options.

They are passionate about food, nature, sustainability and also contributing to the community.

Sangeeta and Gurwant say their goals are to ensure a warm and welcoming environment, source and use local ingredients, and unite the pure taste of good food together with their teamwork and commitment.

The cafeteria will be open for breakfast and lunch. A variety of cabinet-style foods will be offered, as well as a selection of beverages including coffee, smoothies, smoothies, and fresh juices.

Dhot’s holistic philosophy and love of food is reflected in the coffee’s name.

Philia is one of the four ancient Greek words for love. It is often translated as the “highest love”. A love for life or living beings.

“The word is also included in Philia’s biophilic design concept, which is used in the construction industry to increase connectivity to the natural environment and echo our love of nature,” says Gurwant.

Philia will be a comforting place to contrast with the bustle of the city center, a space to rebalance, reflect and spend time with friends. Large spaces and high ceilings cultivate interaction through clean spatial relationships.

The design is comforting, with the addition of natural elements, plants and nature, enhancing our sense of well-being, qualities so important in a hectic, high-energy world.

The development’s shopping and restaurant districts are poised to transform Tauranga CBD. The north-facing food and beverage terrace will enjoy the sun throughout the day and add an exciting new dimension to the city’s burgeoning food scene.

Thirty-eight Elizabeth | Elizabeth Towers project manager Brett Nicholls says Philia is joining Picnicka on a world-class dining offering.

“We are excited to have secured a beautiful cafeteria, along with Picnicka, a brainchild of restaurant owners Clarence, Kim and Noel Cimadom.

“Shared community space and the cityscape below the terrace, including tree planting and greening, are also taking shape on Elizabeth Street thanks to the Tauranga City Council. The outlook looks bright and we are excited about the launch in early 2022. “

The development was due to open this year thanks to an additional investment to meet an ambitious schedule for the project.

But the Tauranga lockdown and the closed boundaries with Auckland and Waikato have been delayed. Brett says a new schedule is in the works, which should be available early next year.

“It has been a challenging time in terms of meeting the ambitious self-imposed deadlines we set for this construction. A construction of this size would normally require a much longer schedule for completion. It’s amazing to think how quickly we’ve gotten to this point with the hard work and dedication of our teams since 2018, when the first grass was turned, ”says Brett.

“There is no doubt that we would now have been open for business with residences on the market if Covid had not gotten in the way. But like everyone else in New Zealand, we are dealing with a changing set of circumstances and doing the best we can of everything. “

Brett says that now that the borders with Auckland and Waikato have been opened, construction completion will progress more quickly.

“We created a lot of momentum in the run-up to closing and this helped. We are now starting to see some of the experience we need from Auckland in order to complete the development and we are working very hard to land on a new set of firm dates for the opening of commercial, food & beverage terrace and residential offerings. , in that order. We will announce these new dates as soon as possible.

“The end is certainly in sight, and we are eager to open the doors, not only to our development, but to the transformation and revitalization of the city of Tauranga.”

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