At Anna’s Taqueria, the menu is tacos.

At Anna’s Taqueria, the menu is tacos.

The small section of Midtown Reno where Wonder Street intersects Wells Avenue is home to a surprising number of businesses that go unnoticed. Among them is Anna’s Taqueria (not to be confused with sister restaurant Anna’s Mexican Grill), next door to Wonder Bar. Inside the little shop, the staff prepares tacos and other specialties, including an impressive number of cocktails.

There are a couple of options for devouring street-style tacos at Anna’s. The first is to order a six taco meal with one or two different types of meat (or a vegetarian option). Carnitas are one of the most popular options and the al pastor is served with roasted pineapple.

Aside from the green chili which has a bit of spice, the rest of the meats are mild. The only surcharge is per language (yes, that’s language). If you want a vegetarian option, there are rajas and corn and cheese available.

The other option, for heartier appetites, are all-you-can-eat tacos for $ 25.99. Sharing will not be allowed, but if you can eat enough tacos, the price is well worth it, and it includes free dessert. All the meat options are the same and you can taste more flavors this way.

On the specials menu, you can try several other tacos, including the popular tacos de birria – crispy shell tacos loaded with melted cheese and served with a side of beef broth for dipping. There are also fajita tacos, poblano tacos, tacos de marco, and more. Each offers its own ingredients and costs $ 18.99.

If you don’t want tacos, order a quesadilla, nachos, burrito, or chancla, again with your choice of meat from the available list.

The sides are sold separately. Elote is my regular choice, which is on the menu here, but it is not my favorite local interpretation. Instead of a full-size ear of corn, it is served in sections to share as an appetizer. However, the corn and seasonings are a bit soggy and the corn is cooked, but not charred or broiled.

For drinking, the cocktail list is extensive, but it is served from a simple menu. In the same way that the main fare is the tacos, the drinks are tequila or mezcal based, $ 9.99 for tequila drinks and $ 10.99 for mezcal. The Jalapeño Cucumber, for example, has a touch balanced by the freshness of the cucumber. La Nina Habañero also has a strong pineapple flavor from both pineapple juice and fresh pineapple mixed together, with the common smoky components in a sip of mezcal.

To test the fare yourself, stop by with your crew every day from 11am to 2pm. M. At 8 p. M.


271 Wonder Street, Reno, Nevada 89502
Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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